Dear San Francisco Suites Owners:

I have just been notified by the City and County of San Francisco of the May 1-4th sale for properties that have had past property taxes, that have not been paid and are now defaulted and subject to be sold at auction.

SFS share 262P that belongs to one of our owners, who had a defaulted property tax bill for $1,151.36, did not sell at the auction.

San Francisco City and County Tax Defaulted Property Auction will re-offer

265T-262P for a minimum bid of $100.00

May 22-25, 2023

The share will be sold to the highest bidder at the place, date and time indicated. The proposed sale is for the purpose of satisfying unpaid taxes, penalties, and costs.

Please visit to register and provide

a single $1,000 deposit (plus a $36.00 processing fee) to participate in this Timeshare auction.

Deposits are accepted on May 8-12th.

The 2023 assessment of $1,555.00 will also be due after the transfer is completed.

Please be reminded that no City share owned by a City Share Owner can be used for commercial rental purposes to third persons.

Please contact for additional information.

You are all invited to bid. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this matter.

Thank you,

Cynthia Reid
General Manager
San Francisco Suites

CC: Chuck Meibeyer, President of the Board