Greetings, Owners,

I would like to call your attention to three proposed revisions to the Rules & Regulations which the Board discussed at its May 4, 2024, meeting. If you need clarification for any of these changes, please contact General Manager, Cynthia Reid at or me at You have 28 days from this announcement to reach out to Manager Reid or to me if you have any comments. After this 28-day period, the Board will formally approve them, and they will take effect 15 days later.

1. The first revision slightly changes the fee for renting the Board Room. Previously the rule differentiated the rental fee of $30 for a reservation from the two set up and breakdown fees at $23 each. Although it may be possible to reserve and use the Board Room without needing set up or breakdown or any staff assistance, this is rarely the case. The new flat $100 fee includes the set up and breakdown and insures the availability of a staff person. Of course, there is still no charge for casual use of the Board Room not requiring a reservation.

2. The second revision changes the advance time needed to reserve Bonus Time from seven days to fourteen days. This change will allow some owners who live farther from the Suites and who must make travel arrangements, such as airline reservations or car rentals, a better chance at Bonus Time. It will also mean that all owners who plan ahead can more easily take advantage of Bonus Time. Certainly, the hope is that as more owners, their designated friends and family members, and share adopters use Bonus Time, the more revenue will be generated for the Association’s operating fund.

3. The third and last change to the Rules & Regulations is an added rule. Rule #13 under “Miscellaneous Rules” summarizes and clarifies the Second Amendment in our CC&Rs, which prohibits individual City Share owners from renting out their share time to unknown third parties through agencies such as Craigs List, eBay, Airbnb, and VRBO for commercial purposes. The rule also allows the City Share Association, however, to rent out time from non-performing shares, whose owners are unable or unwilling to pay their annual assessment. By doing so, the Association hopes to offset any loss in assessment revenue which could result in a reduction in services or amenities, staff layoffs, significant increases in the annual assessment, or a special assessment.

Here is the newly added rule:

13. Can I rent out my share time on Craigs List, eBay, Airbnb, VRBO, or other short term vacation rental agencies? No. Individual City Share owners cannot rent their regular use or bonus time to third parties without any pre-existing relationship to the same owners or the Suites, nor can they rent out share time, regular or bonus, for commercial purposes. Owners with unused regular share time might consider offering this time to other owners on the Suites’ website or exchanging their Use Period through one of the Suites’ Exchange services. These rental restrictions on individual city share owners do not apply to the City Share Association, which may rent non-performing shares in order to make up for an anticipated deficit in the annual budget.

Thank you for your attention,
Geoffrey Bellah
President of the Board of Directors
San Francisco Suites