As the President of the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Suites I am writing regarding the March 12, 2022 Board Meeting and Elections. The Report of the Inspector of Elections is attached, but I need to add additional information regarding the new Board positions.

After the results of the election were revealed, Linda Banner, a current board member who was reelected to the Board, disclosed that, due to personal circumstances, she had decided that she could not continue serving on the Board, and resigned from her position. Those of us who know Linda, and have worked with her, are very appreciative of all of the contributions she made to the Suites as a board member over a number of years, particularly in areas of interior design, employee relations, and as a calming influence on the Board. We respect her decision and will miss her dearly.

The Board of Directors then immediately elected Dwight Walker, who finished a close third in the election, to replace Linda on the Board as provided for under the Association’s Bylaws. Also joining the Board is Fred Munroe, who received the most votes in the election.

The Board elected the following officers for the 2022-2023 Board of Directors:

President Chuck Meibeyer
Vice-President JoAnn Trembath
Treasurer Dwight Walker
Secretary Fred Munroe
Member at Large Jeff Reichel

We all expressed our sincere appreciation to Geoffrey Bellah, who had served on the Board for many years, including a number of years as President, and who is now required to step down from the Board due to term limits. Board members and owners noted the many contributions Geoffrey made to the Suites during his service, including particularly all of his efforts in addressing the impact of COVID and the restructuring of the Association’s Bylaws, at the Suites, as well as his calm, friendly, and helpful demeanor. We know Geoffrey loves the Suites and will continue to help in any way he can.

While two long-standing Board Members have left the Board, I am very excited about the talents and experience that both Fred and Dwight bring to the Board and look forward to working with the entire Board to do all that we can to continue to maintain the excellence, and the warm spirit of the San Francisco Suites. We are also fortunate to have our General Manager Cynthia Reid available to continue to work with the Board and owners toward making the Suites a wonderful “home away from home” for all of us. Please let Cynthia and the Board know if you have any suggestions or questions regarding the Suites – we are here to serve you as best we are able.

Very warm regards,
Chuck Meibeyer