BOD Emergency Meeting Jan. 4, 2022


San Francisco Suites

Board of Directors’ Emergency Meeting

January 4, 2022

  1. Call to Order: President Bellah called the emergency meeting to order at 11:00 AM. The meeting was held via Zoom.

II. Roll Call:
Board Directors present were
Geoffrey Bellah, President
Jo Ann Trembath, Vice-President
Jeff Reichel, Treasurer

Also present was Cynthia Reid, General Manager

With a quorum of three out of five Board Directors present, Bellah proceeded with the meeting.

III. Emergency Business:

  1. President Bellah explained the necessity to immediately repeal the election rules which were approved by the Association and adopted by the Board in 2020, following the passage of Senate Bill 323, in order to conduct the 2022 Board election. These rules, which allowed the Association to conduct its Board election in 2020, were subsequently replaced by the approval and adoption of restated bylaws in 2021, which included new election rules. In order to avoid conflicts and redundancies between the 2020 election rules and the restated bylaws’ election rules, the former must be repealed by a vote of the Board.

  2. Treasurer Reichel moved to repeal the election rules adopted in 2020 following passage of SB 323. Vice-President Trembath seconded, and after a brief discussion the motion passed unanimously.

IV. Adjournment:

President Bellah moved that the meeting be adjourned and the Board voted unanimously to do so at 11:25 AM.

Geoffrey Bellah
Board President 

General Manager Letter – december 2021

San Francisco Suites


December 18, 2021

Dear San Francisco Suites Owner and Friends,

The colorful, festive lights are on no matter where you look as San Francisco celebrates the holidays. You can view the lights on Nob Hill at the Huntington Park, City Hall is ablaze in red and green, Financial area with the Sales Tower light show and Union Square with the 80-foot tree and lights, as skaters twirl around the rink. Even the cable cars are decorated in holiday wreaths and have Christmas lights thanks to the creative efforts of cable car conductor, Val Lupez.

So, a terrific way to start your December visit would be to take a taxi tour in the early evening all around the city and then end the evening at Golden Gate Park to view the “Night Bloom” at the Conservatory of Flowers.

Returning to the Suites on Pine Street, you will enter thru the grand black and brass grilled gate after being buzzed in by staff to find the lobby that looks like a Charles Dickens Christmas.

The perfect glistening Christmas tree, wreathes. poinsettia plants and toy nutcrackers cast a warm glow, while holiday music plays to welcome you home. There is the fragrance of evergreen and hot spiced cider in the air and if it is 4:30pm then a glass of wine is ready for you to take to your room.

There are many events in the city to experience during the holiday season. The “Messiah “is performing at Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill while the high-flying circus act, “Dear San Francisco “is performing stories about the City by the Bay in North Beach at Club Fugazi.

If you want an elegant dinner but prefer to dine outside, the Italian restaurant Perbacco on California Street has a great parklet with warming lamps. Try the pappardelle with short ribs which is fantastic. The new Greek restaurant, Estiaforia Ornos by Michael Mina, with a seafood menu is next door and there is also the old stand by Tadich Grill which has inside dining but now takes reservations.

To end the evening, jump on the California cable car and head up to Nob Hill to view the Gingerbread House at the Fairmont and then cross the street to the iconic Top of the Mark at the Mark Hopkins Hotel for an after-dinner drink.

San Francisco received a last-minute reprieve last week on the mask mandate for offices and gyms. So, offices can let the staff work together without a mask if everyone is vaccinated. So, the Board meeting on January 15 will be held in person if everyone is vaccinated. We will also have the technology set up to Zoom the meeting, so owners who are not at the Suites can also attend. Please look for the agenda that will be posted on the website on January 8 for the Zoom invitation.

December 10, the property tax bills were due, but many new owners will not receive the tax bill since City Hall has been closed for two years and has just reopened.

You can locate your tax bill and pay it online by accessing the website:

Property Tax Payments

Enter Block 0256T (all owners) Lot which is your share number 030P must be 3 numbers

You can print out the bill or pay online.

I encourage all owners, who did not receive a bill to look at the website so that you do not have late fees or penalties. If you have any questions, contact me at

Lastly, the March BOD Election will be held on Saturday, March 12.

There will be two positions open. The Call for Nomination notice will go out on the first week of January. If you are interested in running for the Board, please get your one-page resume ready.

If you are still searching for the perfect gift, why not give the experience of staying at the San Francisco Suites for 7 days a year and owning a slice of real estate in San Francisco.

I will be happy to assist you.

Please find the November BOD minutes and newly revised Rules and Regulations below.

November BOD minutes

Rules and Regulations

Happy Holidays,

Cynthia Reid
General Manager
San Francisco Suites


General Manager Letter – september

San Francisco Suites

 September 30,2021

 Dear San Francisco Suites Owners,

 The autumn is the most beautiful time of the year to visit San Francisco, as the light turns softer and more golden. San Franciscans insist that the weather in September and October is a reprieve from the fog drenched days of July and August and is our summertime.

 On this last day of September, while looking out at the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay, I am reminded of the poem written by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the Poet Laureate of San Francisco,

 The Changing Light

The changing light at San Francisco

 Is none of your East Coast light

 None of your

 pearly light of Paris

The light of San Francisco

                          is a sea light

                                     An island light

And the light of fog

Blanketing the hills

Drifting in at night

Through the Golden Gate

To lie on the city at dawn

And then the halcyon late mornings

After the fog burns off

And the sun paints white houses

With the sea light of Greece

With sharp clean shadows

 Making the town look like

 It had just been painted

But the winds come up at four o’clock

Sweeping the hills

And then the veil of light of early evening

And then another scrim

When the new night fog

Floats in

And in that vale of light

The city drifts

Anchorless upon the ocean

 I attended the SF Hotel Council seminar and listened to hospitality leaders from SF Travel sector discuss the current and future situation in San Francisco and further discussions as to how the hotel and tourism industry can stay resilient in order to keep current in this ever-changing business environment created by the pandemic.

 San Francisco has been dependent on Asian and European travelers and this market has declined. For the next two years most tourism in SF will come from interstate.

 It was suggested that hotels concentrate on the guest comfort, cleanliness, upgraded internet access, as most meetings will continue to be held on Zoom and activities which are unique to SF.

 Initially during the early part of the pandemic crisis, hotels were instituting touchless service so that the guest would not be interacting will personnel. This turned out to be unsuccessful as most of us in the hospitality sector understand the importance of close guest contact and how essential it is for guests to be welcomed by familiar staff rather than a robot delivering your room service.

 In all the areas discussed, I felt that the Suites excelled. From our enhanced cleaning protocols and Covid precautions, upgraded and complimentary internet access and to our proficient and welcoming staff, we have met the challenge of protecting our guests and staff while offering a sparkling clean environment where our owners can take refuge and enjoy life in San Francisco.

 The Board and I offer our heartful appreciation to all the owners of the San Francisco Suites who reached out and helped me sell 20 parlors from the Fall Parlor Sale. Owners have expressed to me the important the Suites have played in their lives. One new owner explained how his family taught him as a child to behave like a “little gentleman at a hotel” and that now he wants to pass this experience on to his son. The owner who described how she got ready for her wedding day at the Suites and walked done the Pine street steps in her wedding dress. There have been quite a lot of quiet birthday and anniversaries celebrated at the Suites. One couple celebrated their first time out since the lockdown to come to the Suites and then celebrate their 53-year anniversary by having a glass of champagne and then off for dinner at Spruce.

 If I have learned anything this year, I have learned the importance of being resilient and staying open to change and the importance of looking forward to the future and making plans. So now is the time to plan for the holidays at the Suites. We have been heavily booked since June, especially on the weekends. The beginning of October is Fleet Week and then Veterans Day in and Thanksgiving in November. December is open so book your time before you reserve your tickets to the Nutcracker Ballet at the War Memorial. The autumn wreathes are up in the lobby. If you arrive on Pine Street, you will see the elegant gate with the brass SFS logo, just push the door chime and the staff will buzz you in and hot cider with cinnamon will be served in the lobby in the afternoon. After you check in you might want to take a mug of cider up to the newly refreshed rooftop garden and relax and look at the city view from the gazebo.

 Many restaurants are showing resilience by re opening with new décor and a more casual menu such as Nancy Oakes, iconic restaurant Boulevard on the Embarcadero or Tyler Florence, the owner of Wayward Tavern has just opened his new glamorous, waterfront, steak house with an outside patio at the Chase Center called Miller and Lux

 The Van Gogh Immersive Art Exhibit has now been extended to Novenber7. After the show you could enjoy the famous roast chicken for lunch outside at the Zuni Café on Gough.

 For an afternoon side trip, I suggest driving over the Golden Gate up to Petaluma and crossing thru the vineyards and eucalyptus forest to Tomales Bay and enjoy the fresh oysters on the half shell at Nick’s Cove outside on the patio. Continuing to the charming town of Point Reyes and turning back up to SF on the famous Pacific Coast Highway #1. Don’t forget to stop at Stinson Beach for a stroll or a swim in the ocean.

 ‘Revenge Travel’ is the new term to describe the urgency that people feel to get out and travel. California is the safest state to visit due to the high vaccination, low hospitalizations and Covid cases especially in San Francisco.

 So please get vaccinated, bring your masks and start making plans so your memories continue at the San Francisco Suites.

The staff and I look forward to welcoming you back home.

Warmest wishes,

Cynthia Reid
General Manager
San Francisco Suites



Dear Owners and Friends,

The Board of Directors is pleased and excited to announce an opportunity for you, your family, or friends to buy a parlor from the inventory of Association–owned shares. These shares have been deeded back to the Association by their former owners. And rather than adopt them, the Board has decided to sell them immediately for the price of $1 per share. In doing so, the Board hopes to add committed owners to our Association and to avoid the loss of assessment revenue that this large inventory creates.

If you decide to buy one of the fourteen shares being offered, you must also pay an escrow fee of $250 as well as the 2021 assessment of $1,372. You can start to use the new share while the escrow is in progress, once you pay the annual assessment. The initial share year will run from October 1, 2021, to September 30, 2022, allowing seven days of use.

Then, after you pay the 2022 assessment which is due on January 1, 2022, you will have seven more days, based on your annual share year, meaning that you could potentially have two weeks available at the Suites within the year of purchase.

The parlor sale begins on August 18, 2021, and will end on September 1, 2021.

We will accept email requests for the sale during normal reservation times until 12 noon PST on Monday, August 29.  All names received will then be pooled, and a drawing will be held on Tuesday, August 30.

PLEASE NOTE: Payment in full must be received by September 30, 2021.

Thank you in advance for your interest and participation in the Fall Parlor Sale.

Best Regards,
Cynthia Reid
General Manager
San Francisco Suites

August 20, 2021: San Francisco requires proof of vaccination for many venues

The sounds of San Francisco have returned this month with the constant hum of the cable car tracks on Powell Street and the thrilling sounds of the cable car bells ringing out as each conductor tries to best the next. Returning to the Suites at the end of the day, you will hear the moaning warning from the foghorn out on the Bay, and then there is the cawing of the occasional seagull flying overhead. Cable car bells, fog horns, and the cry of seagulls is Jazz San Francisco style.

The Broadway musical hit,” Hamilton” is performing at the Orpheum until September 5

The SF Giants play the Oakland A’s today at the Oakland Coliseum. Orange and black are definitely the colors of the day at the SF Suites.

The most coveted reservation at this time is for the elegant new Empress by Boon in Chinatown where the Empress of China restaurant of long ago was located. The stunning décor, views, and exciting menu from the Chef from Hakkasan makes finding a reservation impossible unless you book 3 months in advance. However, the secret is that they allow “walk-ins” to have a drink and order off the menu in the lounge.

Mayor Breed has announced that this Friday, August 20, there will be new vaccination verification requirements that will take effect in San Francisco for patrons of bars, restaurants, clubs, theater, entertainment venues and gyms.

At this time, the Suites are not requiring vaccination verification however you are required to wear a mask on property. You can also be reassured that all staff has been vaccinated.

So, bring your vaccination card or get your vaccination if possible so that you can enjoy all that San Francisco offers and don’t forget to order the warm Quiche Lorraine off our breakfast menu.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we join to stem the tide against the spread of Covid-19 and its variants. San Francisco Suites will continue to follow the local government guidelines including mask requirements.

I look forward to welcoming you home,

Cynthia Reid
General Manager
San Francisco Suites






Thanks for a job well done

Dear Cynthia,

Frank and I would like to send our thanks to you and the board of the San Francisco Suites for your efforts in maintaining and protecting the integrity of our home away during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The months of shut down required by the State of California and the City/County of San Francisco could have been devastating to our time share home, but through your efforts we see that the Suites are not only still beautiful and comfortable, but clean and well maintained. The employees that we have grown to know and trust are still there, greeting us with efficiency and care, from the front desk to the housekeepers. We appreciate that the time we occupied a unit during the partial shut down times, we were greeted safely and apprised of the routines we were expected to use to maintain safe interactions with staff. We appreciate that the time we were not able to use in 2020 has been made available to us for 2021.

We understand that this has been a trying time for everyone. The stress of maintaining a business in the hospitality field has led to failure for many businesses in the last year. But our Suites came through, thanks to the good business practices and decisions that were made by you and our board. We appreciate the struggle it has been to keep us viable and safe. And now we have a beautiful place to come to, to stay. We think that you did an amazing job of keeping up the morale of the staff as well as keeping their jobs safe and constant. It is so reassuring to know that the people we care about came through with their jobs and their health intact. Best regards and thanks to you for a job well done.

Frank and Scottie Ortiz