General Manager April news letter

April 30, 2024

The City by the Sea – San Francisco

April in SF brings the promise of Spring with the super bloom, cherry blossoms, basketball, and baseball but it is also National Poetry Month which brings me to George Sterling, SF Poet Laureate during the turn of the century. His poem, The City by the Sea reminds us of the unique geographical location of a city, on a peninsula, surrounded by water and the intimate relationship it has to the maritime environment. I invite you to read the poem below where he evokes the beauty of the bodies of water seen at the eastern edge, where the rising sun can be found, and then the fog that swirls in from the west. Just imagine viewing sailing vessels with their masts (spars) and yards sailing in and out of the Bay, seen from afar on the hilltops against the blue water. The poem ends evoking the evening and nighttime, as the sun sets, and the stars appear. The wind that had blown in from the ocean now returns, carrying the ships back home to the city’s waterfront. The ending enforces the cyclical nature of SF’s relationship with the sea, as the stars that sink into the Pacific are the same ones that rise over it in the east.

“At the end of our streets is sunrise;
At the end of our streets are spars;
At the end of our streets is sunset;
At the end of our streets are stars.”

The City is made up of such beautiful vistas, but the negative media stays focused on the failing of downtown and financial district which has been brought on by the massive tech layoffs and change in work culture that allows for remote working from home.

“With US cities struggling, San Francisco has become a shining model of recovery “

The article in The Hill, written by John Bortz and Alex Bastion continues;

‘In the SF of spring 2024, you instead find commuters grabbing coffees and heading into their offices; tourists admiring the streets comprised of unique Edwardian and Victorian architecture; friends enjoying the fresh fish at outdoor restaurants; and families playing in the beautiful parks. There is less crime and a greater presence of police and city ambassadors.’

There is some good news. Union Square is looking forward this summer to the opening of Michelin star Chef, Bruno Cheme’s new French bistro, Le Parc Bistrobar on 185 Sutter at the site of the recent Gaspar Brasserie.

The Ikeia food court at the end of Market is flourishing and Warrior fans are heading to Chase Stadium via the new Central Subway Station on Powell at Union Square. Do not forget to book a table at the Miller and Lux Steakhouse for a classic steak dinner.

“At the end of our streets is sunrise;”

The recently redesigned gardens, ponds, restaurants, and walkways in the Presidio make for a delightful afternoon stroll ending at the Tunnel Tops, where you can pick up a freshly made focaccia sandwich and a coffee or a glass of wine from Il Parco and then sit on the bluff, in an oversized red garden chair and watch the sailboats on the Bay and catch a view of the top of the GG Bridge, as the fog swirls by.

“At the end of our streets are spars;”

  • Il Parco 215 Lincoln Blvd

  • Sessions at the Presidio 1 Letterman Drive

  • Dalida romantic Mediterranean 101 Montgomery Street, Presidio

The Board of Directors arranged a farewell dinner for retiring board members, Chuck Meibeyer and Jeff Reichel at the Waterbar Restaurant on the Embarcadero. A sumptuous feast was laid out on a long table which ended with a window view of the sparkling Bay Bridge. Many toasts, poems and tributes were made to honor Chuck and Jeff who both served as President and Treasurer during their time in office. In his farewell address at the end of the board meeting held on March 9th, Chuck Meibeyer listed the many improvements made to the Suites during the last ten years.

“At the end of our streets is sunset;”

April is also tax season, and the SFS property tax #2 installment was due on April 11. Please contact me if you have moved or did not receive your tax bill and I can help you pay it online.

Lastly, I would like to invite your friends or family members for a complimentary night at the Suites, if they are interested in owning a little bit of San Francisco. We have parlors for $100 + $1,727 which includes 2 weeks rather than 7 days during the first year, however, caution is advised, since once they step into the lobby and experience true hospitality, they will fall in love and want to become an owner.

“At the end of our streets are stars.”

I invite you, as a San Franciscan, to make plans to celebrate the Spring in the City, to look up and away from the challenges and discover and rejoice in the beauty of this great City and the beauty of your “home away from home” at the San Francisco Suites.

As George Sterling reminds us.
“At the end of our streets is sunrise;
At the ends of our streets are spars;
At the end of our streets are sunset;
At the end of our streets are stars.”

Happy Spring,

Cynthia Reid
General Manager
San Francisco Suites


Past President, Chuck Meibeyer’s list of Improvements at the Suites 2014-2024

Exterior repainting

Decorative window metal grills

Protective metal grills on Powell Street door

Frosted windows along Powell Street

Powell and Pine Street awnings

Flag poles and flags.

Pine Street Gate

Security cameras interior and exterior

Decorative trees outside

New street trees

Remote door openers

Staff dressing room improvements.

Storage rooms improvements

Concrete floor repair in boiler room

New water heater

Upgraded computers.

WIFI upgrade

Improved cable access

New wallpaper in all lobbies

New carpet in lobby, hallways, and boardroom

New hardwood flooring in the lower lobby

Back office and wine storage room improvements

Covid screening


Upgrades in boardroom

Keurig coffee maker in the boardroom

New lower lobby rug

New gas fire log fireplace

Furnished lobby with Chinese and crystal decorative items

Plumbing upgrades

4” units fully remodeled

All new kitchen appliances

Kitchen cabinet refacing to eliminate oak surfacing, and changed from oak to cream-colored cabinet and doorway trim color.

Elimination of brass fixtures and installation of nickel fixtures, white ceramic sink and soap dispensers.

Toto toilets

Upgraded shower curtains and more spacious shower curtain rod shape.

New grab bars in all tubs and make handicapped shower seats available.

New sofa beds

Upgraded cushions in the living room and bedroom window seats.

Privacy shades between living and bedroom in “1” and “2” units

New flat-screen TVs in all units

Furniture and artwork repair

New gazebo furniture

Added cushions for lower lobby and boardroom chairs that had inadequate cushioning.

Upgraded roof deck access and railings.

Gazebo repainting Replaced roof plants.

Upgraded electrical outlets with USB plugs.

Installed air purifiers in the lobby and board room.

Digital Fire Alarm System Upgrade

New Roman shades in all units

New carpeting in all units


Hiring of General Manager with extraordinary hospitality experience who upgraded staffing in many positions which resulted in substantial improvements in Guest Service for our owners an improved work environment for our staff.


The City By the Sea — San Francisco

At the end of our streets is sunrise;
At the end of our streets are spars;
At the end of our streets is sunset;
At the end of our streets the stars.

Ever the winds of morning
Are cool from the flashing sea—
Flowing swift from our ocean,
Till the fog-dunes crumble and flee.

Slender spars in the offing,
Mast and yard in the slips—
How they tell on the azure
Of the sea-contending ships!

Homeward into the sunset
Sill unwearied we go,
Till the northern hills are misty
With the amber of afterglow.

Stars that sink to our ocean,
Winds that visit our strand,
The heavens are your pathway,
Where is a gladder land!

At the end of our streets is sunrise;
At the end of our streets are spars;
At the end of our streets is sunset;
At the end of our streets the stars.

George Sterling

share sale letter april 2024

Dear Owners and Friends of the Suites,

I would love to invite your friends or family members for a complimentary stay, to have an opportunity to experience a night at San Francisco Suites if they are considering owning or adopting a share.

At this time, we have:

Master Suite one bedroom with a kitchen for sale for $3,500 (includes the assessment)

  • Special offer includes 14 days to use during the first year.

Parlor Suite studio with a pulldown bed and kitchen for $100 + $1,727 assessment

  • Special Offer includes 14 days use during the first year.

Adopt A Parlor

  • Adopt a parlor for cost of $1,757 7 days available for a year.

Here is your chance to own a little part of San Francisco!

Please give me a call and I will arrange a stay at the iconic San Francisco Suites, but caution is advised, since once you step into the lobby and experience true hospitality, you will fall in love with the Suites and will want to become an owner.

Warmest wishes,


Cynthia Reid
General Manager
San Francisco Suites
415 433-9700
CC: Geoffrey Bellah, President

2024 March master sale

Greetings, Everyone!

As you may know, certain shares owned by the Association are periodically offered for sale to owners, to friends and family of owners, or to individuals interested in the Suites. This year we have 2 master shares for sale.

The Board of Director is are offering these master’s for the cost of $3,500 each which includes the 2024 assessment. The property taxes are paid, and the cost of the transfer will be paid by SF Suites.

This special sale includes 2 weeks’ usage for the first year instead of the usual 7 days.

The first two buyers that contact the General Manager and are interested in purchasing a master will only need to send in the above payment and can then start booking time while the transfer is in process.

Please contact the GM at and start making memories at the iconic San Francisco Suites.

Thank you in advance for your interest and participation in this special Master Sale.

Best Regards,

Cynthia Reid
General Manager
San Francisco Suites
CC: Chuck Meibeyer, President

January 2024 GM Letter

January 2024 GM Letter

“Everything is beautiful at the ballet.”

The famous line from Chorus Line rang true last week when the San Francisco Ballet held the opening night Gala at the War Memorial Opera House and then a party later at City Hall on January 24. US House of Representatives Speaker of the House Emerita, Nancy Pelosi, and her husband, Paul Pelosi were honorary chairs for this special event, which showcased the marvelous artists and musicians of SF Ballet and gave the City who knows how to celebrate a reason to. Call the Concierge desk to secure your ballet tickets and make a reservation at Absinthe or Bistro Benjamin for an early dinner before the performance.

The next time you walk up to the corner of Powell at California, as you look down Powell to Fisherman’s Wharf, look for the brightly lit Skye Star Ferris Wheel which has just been moved from Golden Gate Park. Plan a visit to the Wharf, look out over the bay as you ride on the Ferris Wheel and then dine on cioppino at Alioto’s.

Please be reminded of the following:

  • February 1 SFS reopens with fresh new lobby wallpaper, plush, gorgeous new guest carpets and the new mandatory digital fire alarm system.

  • February 1 BOD applications must be received by 5 pm

  • February 1 a 10% late fee will be added to the $1,727 assessment that was due January1.

  • March 9 is the Annual BOD Meeting and Election

  • The Board holds a Special Master Sale for the shares that did not sell at the auction.

Please contact for more information.

  • For those owners who are unable to travel to San Franciso, please find below the procedure to sign up with an Exchange Program, bank your 7 days, and then make a booking with another resort in another part of the country or beyond.

  • SFS staff promotions. Please congratulate:

Tony Verastegui who has been promoted to House Manager

Erik Tedeev who has been promoted to Front Desk Supervisor

  • January 6 BOD Open Session Minutes

Lastly, if you are shopping in Union Square or going to the theatre on Geary Street, there is a new Ligurian Italian restaurant, Corzetti at 398 Geary at Mason. It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Spring will soon be here and celebrations will begin for The Year of the Golden Dragon and the Chinese New Year on February 24. Make your reservations at the Suites and enjoy the refurbished lobby and plush new guest carpets.

Everything is beautiful at the San Francisco Suites!

Come celebrate!
Warmest wishes,
Cynthia Reid
General Manager
San Francisco Suites

vota foreclosure auction

Dear San Francisco Suites Owners:

The 2023 delinquent assessment foreclosure auction will be held on

Tuesday, January 9, 2024 at 1:30 pm.

Please find below the 13 shares that will be up for auction with the minimum bids.

The new owner will also be responsible for the past due property taxes on some of the shares and the 2024 assessment which is $1,727.00.


 408M $2,280.50 ($282.34(tax due)

224M $2,200.50 ($807.80)

357M $2,200.50 ($807.80)

123M $2,200.50($807.80)

20M $2,340.50 ($208.76)

284M $2,340.50 ($158.76)

58M $2,340.50 ($200.32)

282M $,2340.50($200.32)



263P $2,200.50 ($393.24 tax owed)

196P $2,200.50 ($721.90)

278P $2,200.50 taxes paid

345P $2,340.50 ($259.06)

103P$2,244.50 ($246.26)

The shares will be sold at auction as follows:

Vacation Ownership Title Company will hold the auction at:

Outside the Memorial Gates
by Van Ness between 301 and 401 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA.94102

Tuesday, January 9, 2024 at 1:30 pm

The estimated minimum bids are located above.

Please be advised, that there may be additional costs.

You are invited to bid, and the highest bid will sell for cash payable at the time of sale in lawful money of the United States, in cash, or cashier’s check drawn by a state or national bank, state or federal credit union, state or federal savings and loan association, savings association or savings bank specified in Section 5102 of the Financial Code and authorized to do business in the State.

December 2023 GM Letter

December 2023 GM letter

“There is no place like home for the holidays…”

Come to your San Francisco home at the Suites to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. Owners are entertaining with lobster and crab feasts in their room or the Boardroom.

Bring your friends to enjoy a glass of wine around the fireplace that is festooned with Christmas garlands, while gazing at the festive decorated tree.

San Francisco, during the holidays, is like a brightly wrapped gift waiting under the tree to be discovered.

Huntington Park on Nob Hill is wrapped in cool blue and white lights and the Mark Hopkins features a brightly lit igloo on the entranceway, where you can sip a glass of champagne surrounded by falling snowflakes. Across the way, the iconic gingerbread house beckons from the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel. Grace Cathedral is home to the American Bach Concerts during December. Enjoy a great steak dinner at Osso Steakhouse and then walk across the street to Grace, to hear Handel’s Messiah performed on original 17th century musical instruments.

Union Square Plaza presents a symbol of optimism with the lighting of the Christmas tree and Menorah earlier in the month. The square is also brightly lit and may continue to be during the year as skaters glide by on the adjoining rink and shoppers pause for a coffee and decadent croissant filled with titian cream from Miller & Lux Patisserie or dine on roasted chicken and truffle potato salad across the square at the Miller & Lux Provisions

Looking for an unusual gift or a quiet place for lunch in a garden, The Magic Flute, and Sacramento Street is the answer.

Take an afternoon off and explore Sacramento Street

  • Michelin star Spruce serves the famous Spruce burger on the bar menu

  • This burger is so special that a new restaurant, Louie’s Original, was opened on Mariposa to feature the Spruce burger.

  • Go to the movie at the Vogue, shop for unusual gifts at Sue Fisher King and for one-of-a-kind pearl earrings at Mabel Chung.

New Year’s Eve festivities include:

  • watching the midnight fireworks on the Embarcadero from the Waterbar restaurant

  • taking a dinner cruise on the Bay with Belle of the Ball,

  • Broadway musical, Guys and Dolls at the SF Playhouse

  • NYE Baroque concert at 4 pm at Hearbst Theatre

A fantastic way to welcome in the new year.

If you choose to stay at your second home in San Francisco for the New Year’s, there is much to celebrate. The colorful garlands and Christmas tree will still be up in the lobby with the fragrance of hot apple cider in the air. While sharing a glass of wine in the lobby is always entertaining, you could take your glass upstairs and enjoy the last day of 2023 in the gazebo overlooking the City.

Lastly, if you choose to dine at home on New Year’s Day, after the plunge in the Bay, you could order take out of Prime Rib and Lobster from House of Prime Rib to enjoy at the Suites.

SFS reminders:

  • December 22 property taxes are due.

  • January 1 Call for Nominations is sent out to fill two positions on the Board.

  • January 9 Delinquent assessment foreclosure auction for 8 Masters and 5 Parlors

  • Owners who are not able to travel to SF could bank the 7 days with an exchange company and plan a trip to Hawaii, New York, or Paris

We all look forward to welcoming you back home for the holidays and celebrating with you the brand-new 2024!

Warmest wishes,

Cynthia Reid
General Manager
San Francisco Suites