BOD meeting 3-15-23

San Francisco Suites
Board of Directors Meeting
Annual Meeting
Organizational Meeting for New Board
Minutes of Open Meeting (draft)
March 11, 2023

Jan Founte, with Inspectors of Election, called the annual election meeting to order at 11:09 AM (via Zoom link) and announced that a quorum of ballots had been achieved, with 346 ballots returned to be opened and counted.

President Meibeyer then assumed the chair for the Board Meeting. Election processing was taking place via Zoom, without audio, as a general meeting convened.

I. Call to Order

President Meibeyer called the annual meeting to order at 11:13 a.m. The meeting was held in person, with a Zoom link available for any owners wishing to attend remotely.

II. Roll Call

Board Members present:
Chuck Meibeyer, President
Jo Ann Trembath, Vice-President
Fred Munroe, Secretary
Jeff Reichel, Member at Large
(Dwight Walker, the Treasurer, was excused)

Others present:
Cynthia Reid, General Manager
Susan & Max Josselyn, owners
Pamela Murphy (interior designer)

Owners present via Zoom:
Tim Lundell
Geoffrey Bellah
Nancy Hudson
Don Thomas
Shelly Davis-King

III. Owners Forum:

Susan Jocelyn commented that the plants on the roof look beautiful. Susan was also concerned about the overall condition of the carpeting on the stairs. She expressed her interest in having instructions available related to the operation of closed captioning on televisions.

Geoffrey Bellah commended General Manager, staff, and the board for maintaining a very high standard of service, which seems to be waning in other establishments, as we still face challenges from COVID.

IV. President’s Report:

  1. With the end of the California state of emergency related to COVID, the Suites still have policies in place for procedures relating to guests advising the front desk, upon arrival their vaccination status; signing a Hold Harmless form related to COVID, and presenting a negative COVID test, before attending any event in the board room.
    1. After discussion, upon a motion by Fred, seconded by Jo Ann to suspend the requirement for vaccination, and to suspend the Board Room test requirement, was recommended to be suspended and then be reviewed again in 6 months. The motion carried unanimously.
    2. On a motion by Fred and seconded by Jeff the same action was taken with regard to the Hold Harmless agreement, which carried unanimously.

V. Approval of Minutes:

The minutes from the January 21, 2023 board meeting, with one minor correction, were moved for approval on a motion by Jeff, seconded by Jo Ann. With no further discussion, the motion carried unanimously, with the minutes approved as corrected.

VI. Treasurer’s Report:

  1. The Treasurer provided our now standard single page Dashboard. The report summary narrative for this quarter is being provided as a written summary in the treasurer’s absence, his one-page summary, dated March 6, is being included here and reviewed verbally by the president.
  2. We have reinvested a little more than $600k of our $856K reserves in US Treasury Bills, as a means of improving our return on these reserve funds.
  3. Because of the significant, timely payment of 2023 assessments, our operating cash position at the end of 2022 was $615k.
  4. At the end of 2022, two owners are in arrears on their assessments by more than 90 days.

VII. General Manager’s Report:

  1. Completing projects during the COVID pandemic has been an ongoing challenge. So many service providers have very limited staff and resources. This was a serious challenge. Our own staff has continued to provide outstanding service to our owners, guests, and board. Cynthia has expressed her great admiration for our staff and those outside providers who have stepped in, including their efforts with our most recent infrastructure challenges.
  2. Our most recent infrastructure challenge entailed the emergency replacement of the hot water boiler in January for $25,000
  3. Outstanding assessments owed $102,000 with 39 owners who are now delinquent
  4. The 2022 delinquent assessment foreclosure auction was held by VOTA on Feb 14. One Master was sold to a new owner. The one Parlor did not sell and is now owned by the Suites.
  5. All the Roman Shades have been installed to the pleasure of all owners.
  6. We are finding that many chairs are breaking. Pamela is arranging to repair these as needed.
  7. Interviews for a new houseman and a front desk staff are proceeding this month.
  8. The employee of the Quarter is Andrew Gee. He is our overnight front desk staffer. Due to his work hours, he was not present to receive his award and honorarium. His service to the suites and our owners has been flawless.

VIII. Old Business:

  1. The boardroom chairs now all have new cushions to make them far more serviceable. This was completed without any need to replace any chairs. These cushions are in place today.
  2. The Spring Share Auction includes 4 parlors and 1 master and will be held on March 15.

(A break in the board agenda was taken at 12:18 pm, to facilitate the announcement of the election results from the Inspector of Elections.)

Election results: The Inspector of Elections announced the results of the Board election and the question-related handling of revenue surplus. Geoffrey Bellah was elected to the one open board seat. The motion to transfer all revenue surplus to the Reserve Account was approved by a majority of voting members.

After this brief break, the board meeting reconvened at 12:34 pm

IX. New Business:

  1. Pamela Murphy presented samples for lobby wallpaper and replacement carpet in the Suites.
  2. Cynthia met with Steve Barton to evaluate the removal and replacement of wallpaper.
  3. Our fire alarm system needs to be replaced, as mandated by SF Fire Department. Based upon the logistical needs of this work and other likely projects, it is suggested that we close the suites for the month of January to complete this and other timely projects. On a motion by Fred, seconded by Jo Ann, and carried unanimously, a subcommittee was appointed (Chuck, Dwight, and Jo Ann) to work with Cynthia, the City Fire Department, and our chosen service providers to address, the planning and scheduling of the Fire Alarm Project, along with all necessary work to be completed in January 2024.
  4. Jo Ann will continue to work with Chuck, Cynthia and Pamela Murphy on the wallpaper and carpet projects.
  5. The April “Adopt a Share” announcement will be published this month.
  6. The possible need for grab bars, shower seats, and a lobby ramp was discussed. Further discussion will continue regarding the lobby ramp, but at this time, on a motion by Jeff, seconded by Jo Ann and unanimously approved; additional bath grab bars shall be installed, and three portable shower seats shall be made available. Guests can have shower seats provided upon request.

X. Next Meeting Date: The meeting of the Board of Directors shall be on July 29, 2023.

XII. Adjournment: On a motion by Jo Ann, seconded by Fred, the meeting adjourned
by unanimous consent at 1:30 p.m., in order to reconvene for the new Board’s brief organizational meeting.

Organizational Meeting of the newly seated board:

The meeting reconvened at 1:32 PM, with President Chuck Meilbeyer presiding.

2023-24 Board Members present:
Geoffrey Bellah
Chuck Meibeyer
Fred Munroe
Jeff Reichel
(Dwight Walker was excused)

On a motion by Fred, seconded by Jeff, it was moved to elect Chuck Meilbeyer to return as President. The motion carried unanimously.

On a motion by Fred, seconded by Chuck, it was moved to elect Geoffrey Bellah, as secretary. The motion carried unanimously.

On a motion by Fred, seconded by Jeff, it was moved to elect Dwight Walker to return as treasurer. The motion carried unanimously.

On a motion by Geoffrey, seconded by Jeff, it was moved to elect Fred Munroe, as Vice President. The motion carried unanimously.

X. Next Meeting Dates 2023-2024: Meeting of the Board of Directors

Saturday, July 29, 2023
Saturday, September 16, 2023
Saturday, November 4, 2023
Saturday, January 6, 2024
Saturday, March 9, 2024

Respectfully submitted:

Fred Munroe, Secretary


Tax Defaulted Property Auction

Dear San Francisco Suites Owners:

I have just been notified by the City and County of San Francisco of the May 1-4th sale for properties that have had past property taxes, that have not been paid and are now defaulted and subject to be sold at auction.

SFS share 262P that belongs to one of our owners, who had a defaulted property tax bill for $1,151.36, did not sell at the auction.

San Francisco City and County Tax Defaulted Property Auction will re-offer

265T-262P for a minimum bid of $100.00

May 22-25, 2023

The share will be sold to the highest bidder at the place, date and time indicated. The proposed sale is for the purpose of satisfying unpaid taxes, penalties, and costs.

Please visit to register and provide

a single $1,000 deposit (plus a $36.00 processing fee) to participate in this Timeshare auction.

Deposits are accepted on May 8-12th.

The 2023 assessment of $1,555.00 will also be due after the transfer is completed.

Please be reminded that no City share owned by a City Share Owner can be used for commercial rental purposes to third persons.

Please contact for additional information.

You are all invited to bid. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this matter.

Thank you,

Cynthia Reid
General Manager
San Francisco Suites

CC: Chuck Meibeyer, President of the Board

April 2023 GM Letter

Dear San Francisco Owners and guests,

Spring in San Francisco

“Though April showers may come your way,

They bring the flowers that bloom in May,

So, if it’s raining have no regrets,

Because it isn’t raining rain

You know, it’s raining violets.”

San Francisco has survived the April showers even though the City lost 13,263 trees.

Powell Street across from the Suites was closed for an afternoon this month during the deluge and high winds which brought down a huge tree at Pine and Powell that just missed a cable car.

The Suites’ trees on Pine and Powell survived and are now beginning to bloom. Since the trees are planted on City property, we are not allowed to prune the trees and need to wait for SF Trees to do the pruning or we would receive a violation. The trees are pruned every 3-5 years.

The super bloom in California is a phenomenon that occurs when a wet year follows a prolonged dry spell resulting in an explosion of flowering street trees and wildflowers. The yellow acacia is the first to bloom followed by the magnolia, plum, and cherry blossoms. The perfect spot to experience the late April super bloom of wildflowers, such as the California poppies, blue-eyed grass, salmonberry, and Douglas iris would be a trip across the Golden Gate Bridge to the Marin Headlands or Mt Tamalpais.

April brings baseball with the Giants and the Oakland A’s as well as basketball with the Golden State Warriors, but the spring also brings the SF Ballet performing at the War Memorial Opera House. I recently attended Giselle and the production was gorgeous and the dancers were superb. After the performance, we walked down to the Zuni Café and enjoyed the famous roast chicken for two.

The de Young Museum hosts the San Francisco-born, Ansel Adams photography exhibit of 100 works of famous landscapes including Yosemite. April 8-July 23.

Restaurant Week in San Francisco begins April 14 -23. Discounted set menus for lunch and dinner will be offered. Please contact the Concierge for a list or go to the website is a great chance to try one of the new higher-end restaurants at a discounted rate.

One of my favorite “City getaways” is walking thru Chinatown to North Beach, stopping at City Lights Bookstore on Columbus, to pick up a book, and continuing to Washington Square Park at Union and Stockton which is across the street from Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church where San Francisco born slugger, Joe DiMaggio married Marilyn Monroe.

Sitting at an outside table at Original Joe’s. I order burrata and prosciutto and linguine pesto while listening to the church bells ring out and if you are lucky, you may hear the squawking of the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, which may soon become the City’s official animal.

Across the street from OJ’s, with Coit Tower looming overhead, is Tony’s Napoletana Pizzeria, and down the street on Green is found the best cioppino in SF at Sotto Mare.

For entertainment after dinner:

  • SF Keys Jazz Bistro 498 Broadway
  • Club Fugazi’s, acrobatic wonder, “Dear San Francisco “at 678 Green Street
  • Caffe Trieste for coffee and live music and poetry readings 601 Vallejo Street
  • City Light’s Bookstore 261 Columbus
  • Original Joe’s 601 Union Street
  • Tony’s Napoletana Pizza 1570 Stockton
  • Sotto Mare 552 Green Street

April is also tax season, and the 2nd installment of the Property taxes was due on April 11.

If you have not received your tax bill, because you have moved, please contact me so I can help you pay your property taxes online in order to avoid incurring late fees or becoming tax defaulted and possibly losing your share in a tax auction.

Finally, I need to announce that Eric Ingersoll, who has worked at the Suites for the last 11 years as Front Desk/Concierge and Front Desk Supervisor has decided to move, along with his spouse, to Kansas. Eric’s last day will be Saturday, April 15.

You are all invited to the Farewell Party for staff and owners in the Boardroom at 4 pm. Please join us to celebrate Eric’s long and exceptional service to the Suites.

We will miss him.

Make your reservations at your “home away from home” and come celebrate spring in San Francisco!

Warmest wishes,

Cynthia Reid
General Manager
San Francisco Suites









February 15, 2023 GM Letter

February 15, 2023

Dear San Francisco Suites owners,

“May you leap into a bright future in the year of the rabbit”

After two years without the festival parade, the dragon appeared, despite the rain, on February 4 in Chinatown. The San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade is one of the 10 largest parades in the world. The streets were lined with residents and tourists to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with much enthusiasm and joy.

  • China Live, 644 Broadway was booked to capacity with customers celebrating the elegant surroundings and enjoying the contemporary Cantonese cuisine. Paris will next host China Live as George Chen opens a second location at the Louvre Museum.
  • The beloved dim sum palace, Hong Kong 11, which was destroyed 4 years ago in a fire, returns this month as HK Lounge Bistro at 1135 Folsom.
  • The elegant, Empress by Boon, in the heart of Chinatown at 838 Grant, continues to be a difficult reservation to book, but remember that you can also walk in and be seated at the gorgeous bar and still be able to dine off the menu.

The Suites Boardroom has recently been reserved for quite a few celebratory gatherings.

  • The annual crab feast was held in January after postponing it for 3 years due to the pandemic. The owner hosted the event with San Francisco cracked Dungeness crab.

Friends and family flew in from all around the country and they had a grand time.

Recently, an owner invited friends to join them at the Suites over a weekend and the couple fell in love with the Suites and wanted to become owners.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, they drove up from Paso Robles to attend the VOTA foreclosure auction, which was held across from City Hall at the War Memorial Opera House Gate, bid on the Master Suite and now are new owners.

Now that’s romance!

The Board is offering another opportunity to own in San Francisco and enjoy the Suites for 7 days a year by auctioning 4 Parlors and 1 Master at the Board of Directors’ Spring Auction.

Please find the link below:

I invite you to call the Front Desk and book your reservations or reserve the Boardroom for a festive gathering.

There is much to enjoy in San Francisco and wonderful memories to be made.

  • St Patrick’s Day Parade is held on March 11
  • SF Cherry Blossom Festival and Parade is held in Japantown on April 8-9 and 15-16

We all look forward to welcoming you back to your “home away from home.”

Please find the BOD January 22 minutes below:

Let’s leap into the Year of the Rabbit together!

Warmest wishes,

Cynthia Reid
General Manager
San Francisco Suites


bod spring 2023 auction

San Francisco Suites on Nob Hill

February 15, 2023

Dear San Francisco Suites Owners and Friends of the Suites,

The Board of Directors would like to hold a special Spring Auction

for 4 SFS-owned Parlors and 1 Master:

  • 11P Whose year January 1,2023-Dec 31,2023, with 7 days still available

  • 348P Whose year is July 1,2022-June 30,2023, with 7 days still available.

  • 242P Whose year is April1,2023-March 30,2024 with 7 days still available

  • 27P Whose year is April 1,2023-March 30,2024, with 7 days still available.

The minimum bid for the Parlor is $100.00

  • 78M Whose year is April 1,2023-March 31,2024, with 7 days still available.

The minimum bid for the Master is$3,000.00.

The auction is open to anyone interested in placing a bid.

The property taxes for 2023 have been paid.

The 4 highest bids for the Parlors will win and the highest bid for the Master will win.

The buyer agrees to pay escrow costs, which are about $800.

The 2023 assessment of $1,555.00 will also be due.

This special auction will close on March 15, 2023, at 9 PM. No bids will be accepted after this time.

This is a unique opportunity for you to purchase a share that has become a liability because its owner has decided to “walk away” from their financial responsibility to the Association.

Please email your bid or bids to

Please call me at (415) 433-9700 if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Cynthia Reid
General Manager
San Francisco Suites

CC: Chuck Meibeyer, President of the Board