January 1, 2024 

San Francisco Suites Owners, 

As we begin a new year, we are preparing for our Annual Owners’ Meeting to be held on Saturday, March 9, 2024, and for the election of two (2) Directors. We encourage those interested in serving on the Board of Directors to complete the accompanying application and review the Board Directors’ commitment pledge. You may also include a one page resume. A candidate must be an owner in good standing and meet the qualifications outlined in the Association’s By Laws. (located on the web site www.sfsuitescsa.com). 

We are a self-managed Association, and Directors are required to attend scheduled Board meetings at least five times a year and to actively participate in the business of the Association. The Board establishes policy, manages the financial affairs of the Association, and works closely with the General Manager, who oversees the daily operations. The Board is also responsible for strategic planning and special projects. Serving on the Board requires a commitment of time and effort, but it can be very gratifying while providing an important service to the Association and the Suites. 

Applications from all candidates must be returned by 5pm on February 1, 2024, in order to prepare the voting packets for mailing to the membership on February 9th, 2024. Applications received after 5pm on February 1 cannot be included in the election. 

Please send your application to: 

Cynthia Reid, GM
San Francisco Suites
710 Powell St.
San Francisco, CA 94108 

The Inspectors of Election has been hired to mail the election materials, ballots and to count the ballots during the March 9.2024 BOD Meeting which will be held on zoom. 

Thank you for your consideration, and please remember: VOTE! 


Chuck Meibeyer
President, Board of Directors
San Francisco Suites City Share Association