San Francisco Suites
Board of Directors Annual Meeting
March 12, 2022

1. Kurtis Peterson of Inspectors of Election called the meeting to order at 11:00 AM and announced that a quorum of ballots had been achieved, with 342 ballots returned to be opened and counted.

2. President Bellah then assumed the chair and asked for a roll call.

Board members present:
Geoffrey Bellah, President
Jeff Reichel, Treasurer
Chuck Meibeyer, Member-at-large

Board members on Zoom:
Jo Ann Trembath, Vice-President
Linda Banner Secretary

Others present:
Cynthia Reid, General Manager
Ken von Berg, IT Consultant

Owners Present:
Sue Joselyn
Fred Munroe
Dwight Walker

3. Owners’ Forum: No owners spoke at this time.

4. President’s Report: President Bellah stated that the city and county of San Francisco had lifted their mandate for indoor masking; however, staff at the Suites as well as guests still have the option to continue wearing masks. He also reminded all that the share time compensated to owners who were unable to use it during the Covid shutdowns must be completed by August 2022. Finally, he announced that owner Marvin Salles had donated a Ukrainian flag to the Suites to be flown at the Powell entrance during the present crisis.

5. Approval of Minutes: The minutes from the January 15, 2022, open meeting were unanimously approved following Reichel’s motion which was seconded by Trembath.

6. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Reichel reported that last year’s drop in revenues, due to the periodic shutdowns and reduced occupancies, contributed significantly to the $21,000 shortfall. Another factor was the small and thankfully decreasing inventory of non-revenue producing shares. However, with the Suites now fully open, with close to full occupancy, projected revenues, such as those derived from parking and Bonus Time, have returned. Another positive development has been Manager Reid’s successful sale of most of the Association-owned shares. Reichel reminded the Board of the continuing need to maintain the aging building and and he emphasized the importance of repairs over replacements, unless called-for and fully funded by the Reserve fund. Overall, the Suites are in a good position, better than hotels, because we receive our revenues from assessments rather than from bookings.

7. General Manager’s Report: Manager Reid stated that in the first six months of 2021 the Suites was only 50% occupied, which affected monthly revenues from Bonus Time and parking. Even so, in the same year 814 out of 816 shares’ assessments were received. Reid announced that 16 Association-owned parlors that cannot yet be sold will be or have been adopted: six are tax-defaulted and cannot be sold until after the April auction; three have pre-existing loans with no proof of pay-off; but seven will be sold later in 2022 once their adoption period ends. Reid revised the earlier figure on parlor shares sold in 2021: 23 sold but 3 with possibly unpaid loans.

There was a VOTA delinquent assessment auction on February 24, 2022, where 2 master shares were sold for $4,878.40, and 2 parlor shares were not sold. Subsequently these parlor shares will be returned to the Suites to be sold by the Association in 2022.

Regarding the 2022 annual assessment, 25 owners are now delinquent in their payment, and a 10% late fee has been added to their assessment. Reid mails invoices and emails to these owners monthly to remind them of their overdue assessments.

The Employee of the Quarter is Eric Ingersoll, Front Desk Supervisor. Eric was commended for his service to the Association by President Bellah and given a cash award.

8. Old Business: Manager Reid did a walkthrough with contractor Steve Barton to go over the Reserves Study’s suggestions for replacements and repairs. Reid also reported the completion of the refinishing and sealing of the kitchen floors. The repainting of a beam in the lobby will be completed during the replacement of the lobby wallpaper project. The floor in the boiler room is cracked and in need of repair. Also, up for replacement are the blinds in all the suites.

Manager Reid repeated that there will be in April an online auction of shares in tax-default. Those not sold then will come up for auction again in May at a lower minimum bid.

9. New Business: The Board unanimously approved a Hold Harmless form to be completed by vendors and contractors entering the Suites following a motion by Reichel and seconded by Meibeyer.

The Board also approved a request by Manager Reid to bid for shares for the Association at the May tax-default auction. Reichel so moved, Meibeyer seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

President Bellah requested that the Board consider refinishing or replacing the wood counter surfaces in the pass-throughs between the kitchens and dining areas in all suites. The Board agreed to have Manager Reid seek estimates for the work and report to the Board at their next meeting.

9. Election results: The Inspector of Elections announced the results of the Board election and the question over revenue surplus. Fred Munroe and Linda Banner won seats on the new Board, and the membership agreed to return any surplus funds to the next year’s operating budget.

10. Forward Planning: The Board Room remodel and new wallpaper for the lobbies were deferred indefinitely. Blinds replacement should happen in 2022.

11. Adjournment: The annual meeting recessed at 12:04 PM.

Organizational Meeting: The annual meeting resumed at 12:15 PM, with Vice-President Trembath as chair. Secretary Linda Banner who had won one of the open seats on the Board announced that she would not serve. Member-at-large Meibeyer was elected by the new Board to be President for 2022-2023, Jo Ann Trembath will continue as Vice-President, Fred Munroe will serve as Secretary. After a discussion and vote of the Board, Dwight Walker, the third-place candidate for the Board, was elected to fill the vacant Board seat, and was also elected Treasurer. He enthusiastically agreed to join the Board. The Board then discussed and set a calendar for meetings in 2022-2023.

Respectfully submitted by
Linda Banner, Secretary