General General General San Francisco Suites (SFS)—Board of Directors (BOD)
General Meeting—November 7, 2020

  1. President Bellah called the meeting to order via Zoom 11:03 AM and asked for introductions. President Geoffrey Bellah, Vice-President Tom Weber, Secretary Linda Banner, Treasurer Jeff Reichel, Member-at-Large Jo Ann Trembath, and General Manager Cynthia Reid were present. (Owner Sue Josselyn later joined the meeting at 11:15 AM.)

  2. It was determined there was a quorum to hold the meeting and, with no owners present at the time, that we could dispense with the Owner’s Forum.

  3. In his President’s Report President Bellah mentioned that the bylaws election conducted by The Ballot Box had to be aborted due to “difficulties with their process.” Fortunately, it had not cost the Association anything, with The Ballot Box absorbing all costs. After consulting with our attorney and based on his recommendation, we have now contracted with The Inspector of Elections agency to conduct the rescheduled bylaws election on January 9, 2021. General Manager Reid read a letter to the Board submitted by owners Jim and Cynthia White regarding the restated bylaws in which they complain of the proposed new terms and term limits for Board directors. After correcting two errors in the letter, Bellah asked the Board to consider revising the restated bylaws to conform with the original intentions of Directors Weber and Trembath: the new terms being three years but the term limits being two, not three consecutive terms. Weber moved so, Trembath seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. Bellah reminded the Board that the annual meeting is scheduled for March 2021 at which time three Board positions will become open, those currently held by Weber, Trembath, and Reichel. The elections in March will be subject to the new election procedures outlined in the restated bylaws if they are approved in January.

  4. President Bellah made a motion to accept the minutes of the August 15, 2020, meeting. The motion was seconded by Vice-President Weber. After some discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

  5. Treasurer Reichel gave the Treasurer’s Report. He stated that the Association is “OK” financially; however, he also saw some justification for the anticipated increase in the 2021 annual assessment, partly due to the loss of revenues during the Suites’ six-month closure and partly due to the expense of several major maintenance/repair projects that came up unexpectedly during that time. Vice-President Weber asked Treasurer Reichel about the PPP loan forgiveness process. Reichel mentioned that forgiveness should not be a problem as we will be able to meet all the conditions, i.e., having applied most of the loan to funding salaries and employee benefits. Weber mentioned that our building is “old” and it will continue to deteriorate, so there will always be additional expenses to maintain it, such as the elevator.

  6. General Manager’s Report—General Manager Reid stated that currently there are 16 Association-owned Parlors. At the August Adopt-a-Share Auction the 4 available Parlors were, not surprisingly, not adopted. Reid suggested that we hold a “special” auction in December 2020 to sell these 4 Parlor Shares. In this proposed Holiday Auction, new owners would be responsible for the closing costs as well as the 2021 annual assessment. Reid recommended a low starting bid. Vice-President Weber made a motion to accept the Holiday Auction Program as outlined by General Manager Reid, with a starting bid at $100, Trembath seconded the motion, and after some discussion, it passed unanimously. President Bellah made a motion to accept the 2021 budget and the $51 increase in the annual assessment to $1372 per unit. This budget includes a 4% increase for Operations and 3% for Reserves. Treasurer Reichel recommended that the Reserve increase should be about 5% each year after this coming year. However, because we have had reduced use of the Suites this year, it would be OK to get by with a smaller amount for this year. General Manager Reid mentioned that the Suites has maintained its desirability in spite of the pandemic shutdown, and that she has prospective owners (especially from the Napa area) waiting to buy into the Association. Member-at-Large Trembath seconded President Bellah’s motion and after some discussion, it passed unanimously. General Manager Reid mentioned that the window and door grill project at the Powell Street entrance was complete; however, the proposed gate on Pine Street was not approved by SF Department of Public Works. Reid will complete some more paperwork and re-apply for approval. General Manager Reid also noted the recently installed and upgraded Wifi system at the Suites. Reid reminded everyone of the 25% limit for occupancy at San Francisco restaurants, hotels, timeshares, which we are following. Additionally, General Manager Reid mentioned that a new second banister from the 4th floor to the roof has been installed, that the Pine Street and Powell Street door knobs have been replaced to more firmly and securely lock, making the Suites safer, and preventing any more unwelcome intruders.

President Bellah introduced the Employee of the Quarter, Gloria Soto.

  1. Old Business: General Manager Reid mentioned that the wallpaper installation had been completed in the Board Room. Needless to say, there were some “issues” to be addressed, such as the dry rot behind the old wallpaper.

  2. New Business: General Manager Reid mentioned the need to comply with the San Francisco’s mandate to install a digital fire alarm system by July 2021, which might cost up to $80K. Vice-President Weber mentioned that he will help General Manager Reid with this project. Additionally, our webmaster Bill Patterson has recommended that the Suites’ website be updated: more attractive, simpler to use, more features. President Bellah made a motion to approve this expense, Weber seconded the motion, and after some discussion it passed unanimously.

  3. President Bellah brought up Forward Planning, which includes the proposed remodel and refurbishment of the Board Room in 2021. He suggested postponing this matter until March, 2021, given the uncertainty generated by the pandemic and the two Association elections. General Manager Reid thanked President Bellah for “being available” for consultation with her and with the attorney during the bylaws revision process, and Bellah replied that he considers the newly restated bylaws to be more appropriate and accessible than the older ones which seemed more suited to condominiums and corporation-controlled timeshares. President Bellah made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 12:20 PM, Vice-President Weber seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.