May 31, 2020, Meeting conducted by Conference Call

Board members Geoffrey Bellah, Jo-Ann Trembath, Jeff Reichel, Tom Weber were in attendance by telephone; General Manager Cynthia Reid was also on the line.

Absent: Linda Banner

With a quorum of four Board members in attendance by telephone, President Bellah called the emergency meeting to order at 11:05 AM. He reported that General Manager Reid and he had recently received information, unofficial in nature, which would suggest that the Suites might be able to reopen in June. The sources were our timeshare neighbor on Powell St., Powell Place, and an owner at another timeshare, The Donatello, who also owns at the Suites. Both Powell Place and The Donatello had legal advice from their respective attorneys that timeshares were not in the same category as hotels and therefore were not subject to the dates for reopening set by the Mayor in August. Unlike hotels, private timeshares are non-profit entities with deeded owners who have a right to occupy their residences. President Bellah and Manager Reid contacted the Suites’ attorney at Adams Stirling who stated that the Mayor’s directives about hotels do not mention timeshares. He recommended that the Suites call the City for clarification. (Powell Place had done the same without gaining any clear answer.) Manager Reid called the City but was not able to receive any answer as the City offices are closed.

With the examples of Powell Place and The Donatello and no definitive information from the City, President Bellah recommended that the Suites reopen on June 22 with the already approved guidelines and protocols in place. Director Weber so moved, Trembath, seconded, and after confirmation from Manager Reid that the Suites could be ready in time, the motion passed unanimously.

Returning to the item of rebooking owners whose reservations were canceled during the shut-down, the Board unanimously decided to again table any decision until more information is received. President Bellah suggested that Manager Reid contact other private timeshares in the City to find out if they have any plans for compensating owners, and Vice-President Trembath and Director Weber offered to discuss possible plans and then present them to the Board at its next scheduled meeting in June.

The meeting adjourned at 12:30.

Note: Information received on June 5, 2020, indicated that timeshares are indeed considered to be in the same category as hotels and lodges and would not be able to reopen until Stage 3 commences on August 15.