General Manager

  • Cynthia Reid

Front Desk

  • Erik Tedeev

House Supervisor

  • Tony Verastegui


  • Andrew Flack
  • Erik Tedeev
  • Susan Smith

Late Night

  • Andrew Gee
  • Carlton Tang-Wing

Housekeeping Staff

  • Gloria Soto
  • Luz Suarez
  • Yuly Torres
  • Cinthia Melo

Lobby Attendant

  •  Luis Martinez
  • Carlton Tang-Wing
  • Jeffery Bascara

Next Meeting

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The agenda is posted here 3 days BEFORE the meeting.

Up Coming Board Meetings

May 3,4

August 9,10

Nov 1,2

Jan 17,18

March 7,8

Board Meeting Minutes

Past Board Meeting Minutes

270 Day Calculator

Click on this link to see a calculator that can be used to find out the date 270 days out from today or any other date. There is also a calculator that you can use to see the number of days between two dates. Hopefully, this will aid in figuring out future reservations.