BOD Emergency Meeting Jan. 4, 2022


San Francisco Suites

Board of Directors’ Emergency Meeting

January 4, 2022

  1. Call to Order: President Bellah called the emergency meeting to order at 11:00 AM. The meeting was held via Zoom.

II. Roll Call:
Board Directors present were
Geoffrey Bellah, President
Jo Ann Trembath, Vice-President
Jeff Reichel, Treasurer

Also present was Cynthia Reid, General Manager

With a quorum of three out of five Board Directors present, Bellah proceeded with the meeting.

III. Emergency Business:

  1. President Bellah explained the necessity to immediately repeal the election rules which were approved by the Association and adopted by the Board in 2020, following the passage of Senate Bill 323, in order to conduct the 2022 Board election. These rules, which allowed the Association to conduct its Board election in 2020, were subsequently replaced by the approval and adoption of restated bylaws in 2021, which included new election rules. In order to avoid conflicts and redundancies between the 2020 election rules and the restated bylaws’ election rules, the former must be repealed by a vote of the Board.

  2. Treasurer Reichel moved to repeal the election rules adopted in 2020 following passage of SB 323. Vice-President Trembath seconded, and after a brief discussion the motion passed unanimously.

IV. Adjournment:

President Bellah moved that the meeting be adjourned and the Board voted unanimously to do so at 11:25 AM.

Geoffrey Bellah
Board President