Thanks for a job well done

Dear Cynthia,

Frank and I would like to send our thanks to you and the board of the San Francisco Suites for your efforts in maintaining and protecting the integrity of our home away during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The months of shut down required by the State of California and the City/County of San Francisco could have been devastating to our time share home, but through your efforts we see that the Suites are not only still beautiful and comfortable, but clean and well maintained. The employees that we have grown to know and trust are still there, greeting us with efficiency and care, from the front desk to the housekeepers. We appreciate that the time we occupied a unit during the partial shut down times, we were greeted safely and apprised of the routines we were expected to use to maintain safe interactions with staff. We appreciate that the time we were not able to use in 2020 has been made available to us for 2021.

We understand that this has been a trying time for everyone. The stress of maintaining a business in the hospitality field has led to failure for many businesses in the last year. But our Suites came through, thanks to the good business practices and decisions that were made by you and our board. We appreciate the struggle it has been to keep us viable and safe. And now we have a beautiful place to come to, to stay. We think that you did an amazing job of keeping up the morale of the staff as well as keeping their jobs safe and constant. It is so reassuring to know that the people we care about came through with their jobs and their health intact. Best regards and thanks to you for a job well done.

Frank and Scottie Ortiz






Board of Directors Open Meeting June 19, 2021


San Francisco Suites

Board of Directors’ Open Meeting

June 19, 2021

I. Call to Order

President Geoffrey Bellah called the meeting to order at 11:08 am. The meeting was held online via Zoom.

II. Roll Call

Board members present:

  • Geoffrey Bellah, President
  • Jo Ann Trembath, Vice-President
  • Jeff Reichel, Treasurer
  • Linda Banner, Secretary
  • Chuck Meibeyer, Member-at-Large

Others present:

Cynthia Reid, General Manager Sue Josselyn, Association member, joined during the meeting

III. Owners Forum

No owners being present at the time, the Owners Forum was postponed.

IV. President’s Report
A. President Bellah read to the Board a letter from two Association members who commended the General Manager, the staff, and the Board for maintaining safety measures during the pandemic and for keeping the high standards of service and accommodation once the Suites reopened.

B. Bellah then described the newly revised safety protocols now in place, including optional masking for guests and staff, and the many services which have returned to the Suites, including daily housekeeping, the afternoon wine and cheese service, and the availability of the Board Room for special events.

V. Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the March 13, 2021, meeting were approved unanimously, following Trembath’s motion and Reichel’s second.

VI. Treasurer’s Report

A. The PPP loan of $128,000 will be forgiven, probably by the end of the year, but as of the present date it is still listed as a liability in our budget.

B. The many repairs during the past year were covered by the Reserve Fund but have been costly, oftentimes exceeding what was budgeted because of the high expenses in San Francisco. The Reserve Fund needs to be replenished with more realistic budgeting.

C. There will be a shortfall of approximately $21,000 this year, with $19,000 in lost assessment revenue due to foreclosures and unsold shares as well as lost revenues from Bonus Time, parking fees, etc. The ongoing sales and adoption of Association-owned shares should help ameliorate this shortfall somewhat.

VII. General Manager’s Report

A. Currently the Association owns 28 shares, and eleven shares are in foreclosure because their owners have not paid the 2021 annual assessment. Also, three deedbacks are in process.

B. The Association sold one Master share for $3500.

C. $172,176 has been transferred from the Operating Account to the Reserve Fund, with approximately $84,000 remaining to be deposited to the Reserves by the end of the year.

D. The parquet floor in suite 25 has buckled, probably due to age, and must be replaced. The parquet floors in suites 31, 33, and 35 have all been replaced recently because of water damage or age.

E. The Employee of the Quarter is Rick Boyce.

VIII. Old Business

A. The Wifi and reservation systems have been or are currently being upgraded to improve coverage, strength, and protection in the case of power outages.

B. Security has also been upgraded with alarms now set to the first floor lobby windows and a buzzer entry for the Powell Street entrance. The Pine Street gate should be installed by the end of this month.

C. Manager Reid described the policy for allowing service animals at the Suites, including the requirement that all requests for accommodation be signed and validated by a physician.

IX. New Business

A. Although masks are no longer required for vaccinated guests and staff, the Board unanimously passed a motion, introduced by Meibeyer and seconded by Trembath, to require non-vaccinated guests and staff to wear a mask when at the Suites and to inform everyone of this policy through signage. All guests will be required to fill out a form at the front desk to acknowledge their vaccine status.

B. The Board unanimously passed a motion, introduced by Meibeyer and seconded by Reichel, to extend until August 2022 the compensation plan allowing owners to rebook share time lost because of the pandemic. Manager Reid assured the Board during the discussion that there would be sufficient availability of suites if the motion were adopted.

C. The Board decided to postpone a decision on hiring a landscaping or gardening company to maintain the rooftop garden. Manager Reid will inquire about such a maintenance program from our florist Mark Leahy, and provide the Board with some estimates at the August meeting.

D. The Board unanimously passed a motion, introduced by Reichel and seconded by Trembath, to add to the Rules and Regulations a prohibition on storing bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, and other recreation vehicles at the Suites. There will be a reminder of this policy on the confirmation letter with an offer by the Front Desk to help anyone bringing such a vehicle to the Suites to find a storage facility.

E. The Board approved a motion, presented by Trembath and seconded by Reichel, to allow Manager Reid to hold an auction for six Parlor Shares in September 2021. There will also be an Adopt-a-Share this month ending on July 1 for other available Parlors.

F. The San Francisco Planning Department has informed the Suites that the apartment building at 655 Powell Street, just across Pine Street, will be converting their ground floor garage and storage area into six units.

X. Forward Planning

A. The anticipated Board Room remodel is currently on hold but hopefully will be completed in 2022.

XI. Adjournment

The Open Meeting was ended by unanimous consent at 12:40 pm. The next Open Meeting of the Board will be held on August 7, 2021.

Linda Banner
Secretary, Board of Directors

Board of Director’s Holiday Auction Final

July 13, 2021

Dear San Francisco Suites Owners and Friends of the Suites,

The Board of Directors would like to hold a special Summer Auction for two SFS-owned Parlors:

14P  Whose year is April 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022, with 7 days still available
52P  Whose year is July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022, with 7 days still available

The minimum bid is $100.00

The auction is open to anyone interested in placing a bid.

The property taxes for 2021 have been paid.

The two highest bids will win.

The buyer agrees to pay escrow costs, which are about $700.

The 2022 assessment will be due on January 1, 2022.

This special auction will close on August 5, 2021, at 9 PM. No bids will be accepted after this time.

This is a unique opportunity for you to purchase a share which has become a liability because its owner has decided to “walk away” from their financial responsibility to the Association.

Please email your bid or bids to

Please call me at (415) 433-9700 if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Cynthia Reid
General Manager
San Francisco Suites

CC: Geoffrey Bellah, President of the Board