Welcome Back!!

February 26, 2021

Dear San Francisco Suites Owners,

On Tuesday, February 23, 2021, San Francisco officials lifted the mandatory travel quarantine with local coronavirus cases falling by 75%.

The mandatory quarantine was meant to prevent travel-related outbreaks and local increases in cases. But it was also put in place to keep the worrisome new covid-variants that had been identified in other parts of the world from entering San Francisco.

The Front Desk looks forward to rebooking share time that had to be recently canceled due to the quarantine, and we hope to set up new reservations for the spring and summer to compensate owners who were not able to use their time in 2020.

Also, there is news that San Francisco will be moving from the purple tier to the less restrictive red tier next week, which will mean a return to indoor dining, movie theatres, and gyms.

Come join us again at the Suites! Enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of coffee in the gazebo on our beautiful landscaped roof. The cherry blossoms are in bloom on the streets of San Francisco, there are sailboats out in the Bay, and down on the Embarcadero, there are great “people watching” while dining outside at the Epic or Water Bar restaurants below the Bay Bridge. Let us reserve a table for you. The Ferris Wheel is still up in Golden Gate Park, and the rhododendrons and magnolias are flourishing in the Botanical Gardens.

Call the Concierge to make a reservation for the immersive Van Gogh exhibit starting on March 18th, which will be held at the SVN West that was the old Fillmore West.

Spring is here, and San Francisco is back!

We eagerly await to welcome you back to your “home away from home.”

Warmest wishes,
Cynthia Reid
General Manager
San Francisco Suites

Board of Directors Meeting Jan. 9, 2021

San Francisco Suites
Board of Directors
Minutes of Open Meeting

January 9, 2021

I. Call to Order

President Bellah called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m. The meeting was held online via Zoom.

II. Roll Call

Board Members present:

Geoffrey Bellah, President
Tom Weber, Vice-President
Jeff Reichel, Treasurer
Linda Banner, Secretary
Jo Ann Trembath, Member at Large

Others present:

Cynthia Reid, General Manager

III. Owners Forum:

Several owners spoke via Zoom to the Board about the upcoming elections, contracting with an outside company to conduct the elections, and complimented the management and staff for maintaining standards and enforcing safety protocols.

IV. President’s Report:

President Bellah summarized the current situation involving the Suites’ recent closure due to the pandemic and the prospects for reopening when ICU capacity reaches 15% or higher. He also reminded all of the Board’s decision to allow owners to rebook missed share time in April, May, July, and August of 2021.

V. Approval of Minutes:

The minutes from the November 7, 2020, meeting were approved unanimously as submitted.

VI. Treasurer’s Report:

  1. The Paycheck protection Program (PPP) loan of $128,000 allowed the Suites to remain solvent in 2020 when revenues from Bonus Time and parking were somewhat lower than originally projected. We have met the criteria for the PPP loan to be “forgiven.”

  2. Several projects were completed this year, some anticipated (wallpapering the Board Room, upgrading the wifi system) and some as emergencies (plumbing and electrical repairs).

  3. All in all, the Association remains in good shape financially in spite of the closure.

V. General Manager’s Report:

  1. Association-owned inventory totals seventeen parlor shares Thirteen of these shares were adopted in April and August 2020. Four were not adopted, and $5284 must be written off as bad debt.
  2. 2020 Annual Assessments still outstanding – $10,858 Seven shares are currently in foreclosure due to delinquent assessments.
  3. 2021 Annual Assessments received – $620,144
  4. Board of Directors Holiday Auction. No bids were placed on the four available parlor shares.
  5. Pine Street Gate. Application was denied by San Francisco Planning Department and will be appealed.
  6. VOTA 2020 Auction of seven shares. Auction is postponed due to pandemic.
  7. Employee of the Year is Eric Ingersoll
  8. Digital Fire Alarm Mandate does not apply to timeshares

VI. Old Business:

No need to approve replacement of fire alarm system (see above).

VII. New Business:

  1. The Inspector of Elections reported the results of the election to approve “restated” bylaws. With a total number of 343 votes cast, 337 approved, 6 opposed, and 1 vote was disqualified.

  1. The Board also announced that The Inspector of Elections will conduct the Board election in March 2021. There will be three openings on the Board; and according to the just-approved bylaws, the two highest vote-getters will serve three-year terms, and the third highest vote-getter will serve a two-year term. After 2021, all Board members will serve three-year terms.

VIII. Forward Planning:

The Board Room remodel is on “hold” due to financial uncertainties and the effects of the pandemic.

IX. Next Meeting Date: The next open meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for March 13, 2021.

X. Adjournment: Meeting ends by unanimous consent at 12:05 p.m.

Linda Banner, Secretary
Board of Directors
San Francisco Suites