Mayor Breed’s announcement on Jan 28 reopening

January 26, 2021

Dear San Francisco Suites Owners,
The Suites are now allowed to accept reservations starting on January 28th for owners who live in the Bay Area. If you are traveling from areas outside of the Bay Area, you would need to make a reservation for 10 days or more in order to quarantine at the Suites.

The virus cases in San Francisco are slowly receding due to the December Stay-at-Home Order.
We are keeping an eye on the situation in order to advise when you can safely return to San Francisco and enjoy your share.

The Front Desk will reach out to all owners who have reservations for the future, and if we need to rebook your time, we are here to assist you.

Please read below a summary of Mayor Breed’s comments regarding the reopening:
San Francisco to Reopen Some Activities in Response to State Lifting Regional Stay at Home Order
Mayor London Breed announced that beginning on Thursday, January 28, San Francisco will
resume some businesses and activities after the state announced it would be lifting the Bay Area
Regional Stay-at-Home Order, which will allow San Francisco to reopen key sectors allowed by the State’s purple tier, with some additional safety precautions given the City‘s high case rate.

San Francisco will allow Hotels and Lodging to resume operations for tourism use while maintaining its mandatory local travel quarantine. Travelers from outside of the Bay Area will need to make reservations for 10 days or more in order to quarantine on site.

The activities that will now reopen on January 28 are:
Outdoor dining
Outdoor zoos and museums
Small outdoor gatherings
Hair and nail salons

The activities that are not allowed to resume are:
Indoor gyms
Indoor dining
Indoor meetings and conferences.
We miss welcoming you back to the Suites and look forward to the day when life returns to normal in San Francisco.
Warmest wishes,

Cynthia Reid
General Manager
San Francisco Suites

Restated Bylaws certification letter 2021

January 9, 2021

Dear San Francisco Suites Owners,

Please find the final certification for the Restated Bylaws by CLICKING HERE. (pdf)

The ballot measure for the Restated Bylaws was passed.

There were 343 ballots counted by The Inspectors of Election at the open Zoom meeting on January 9, 2021.

337 voted to approve

6 voted against

1 ballot was not counted as it was not an official ballot.

Thank you for your participation in the Restated Bylaw Election.


Cynthia Reid
General Manager
San Francisco Suites

CC: Geoffrey Bellah, President