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To Your Home Away from Home!  Here you will find the latest news about our beloved Suites.  Look around and feel free to send us a message if there is anything you would like to know more about.

BOD Emergency Meeting Jan. 4, 2022

DRAFT San Francisco Suites Board of Directors’ Emergency Meeting January 4, 2022 Call to Order: President Bellah called the emergency meeting to order at 11:00 AM. The meeting was held via Zoom. II. Roll Call:Board Directors present wereGeoffrey Bellah, PresidentJo Ann Trembath, Vice-PresidentJeff Reichel, Treasurer Also present was Cynthia Reid, General Manager With a quorum of three out of five Board Directors present, Bellah proceeded with the meeting. III. Emergency Business: President...

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General Manager Letter – december 2021

San Francisco Suites   December 18, 2021 Dear San Francisco Suites Owner and Friends, The colorful, festive lights are on no matter where you look as San Francisco celebrates the holidays. You can view the lights on Nob Hill at the Huntington Park, City Hall is ablaze in red and green, Financial area with the Sales Tower light show and Union Square with the 80-foot tree and lights, as skaters twirl around the rink. Even the cable cars are decorated in holiday wreaths and have Christmas...

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General Manager Letter – september

San Francisco Suites  September 30,2021  Dear San Francisco Suites Owners,  The autumn is the most beautiful time of the year to visit San Francisco, as the light turns softer and more golden. San Franciscans insist that the weather in September and October is a reprieve from the fog drenched days of July and August and is our summertime.  On this last day of September, while looking out at the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay, I am reminded of the poem written by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the Poet...

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Dear Owners and Friends, The Board of Directors is pleased and excited to announce an opportunity for you, your family, or friends to buy a parlor from the inventory of Association–owned shares. These shares have been deeded back to the Association by their former owners. And rather than adopt them, the Board has decided to sell them immediately for the price of $1 per share. In doing so, the Board hopes to add committed owners to our Association and to avoid the loss of assessment revenue...

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August 20, 2021: San Francisco requires proof of vaccination for many venues

The sounds of San Francisco have returned this month with the constant hum of the cable car tracks on Powell Street and the thrilling sounds of the cable car bells ringing out as each conductor tries to best the next. Returning to the Suites at the end of the day, you will hear the moaning warning from the foghorn out on the Bay, and then there is the cawing of the occasional seagull flying overhead. Cable car bells, fog horns, and the cry of seagulls is Jazz - San Francisco style. The...

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President’s Letter August 2021

Greetings to all Owners and Friends of the Suites, The San Francisco Suites City Share Owners Association was incorporated in January 1983 soon after the conversion of what had been a nondescript apartment building at 796 Pine Street into the San Francisco Suites on Nob Hill, with a more prestigious address at 710 Powell Street. The developers’ intentions had been to create a full-service, luxurious urban timeshare in a style mostly evocative of the Edwardian era, but with contemporary...

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Thanks for a job well done

Dear Cynthia, Frank and I would like to send our thanks to you and the board of the San Francisco Suites for your efforts in maintaining and protecting the integrity of our home away during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The months of shut down required by the State of California and the City/County of San Francisco could have been devastating to our time share home, but through your efforts we see that the Suites are not only still beautiful and comfortable, but clean and well maintained. The...

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Board of Director’s Holiday Auction Final

July 13, 2021 Dear San Francisco Suites Owners and Friends of the Suites, The Board of Directors would like to hold a special Summer Auction for two SFS-owned Parlors: 14P  Whose year is April 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022, with 7 days still available52P  Whose year is July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022, with 7 days still available The minimum bid is $100.00 The auction is open to anyone interested in placing a bid. The property taxes for 2021 have been paid. The two highest bids will win. The buyer...

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2021 adopt a share program

San Francisco Suites on Nob Hill 2021 ADOPT-A-SHARE PROGRAM Greetings, Everyone!   As you may know, certain shares owned by the Association are periodically offered for adoption by owners, by friends and family of owners, or by individuals interested in the Suites.  This year we have Parlor shares for adoption at $1402.00 per share. The cost includes the 2021 assessment of $1,372.00 plus the property tax of $30.00. The Adopt-A-Share year will begin July 15, 2021, and end July 31, 2022. We will...

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Message from your General Manager

San Francisco Suites June 6, 2021 Dear San Francisco Suites Owner, Summer in the City has begun in San Francisco, and we eagerly await your arrival back to your “home away from home.” On June 15th most of the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions in California will be lifted although we will need to wait to hear what the County of San Francisco will still require. This past May I attended a meeting of the SF Hotel Council, to listen to Mayor Breed and Dr. Susan Phillip, Acting Health Official from...

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270 Day Calculator

Click on this link to see a calculator that can be used to find out the date 270 days out from today or any other date. There is also a calculator that you can use to see the number of days between two dates. Hopefully, this will aid in figuring out future reservations.

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