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To Your Home Away from Home!  Here you will find the latest news about our beloved Suites.  Look around and feel free to send us a message if there is anything you would like to know more about.

BOD meeting 3-15-23

San Francisco SuitesBoard of Directors MeetingAnnual MeetingOrganizational Meeting for New BoardMinutes of Open Meeting (draft)March 11, 2023 Jan Founte, with Inspectors of Election, called the annual election meeting to order at 11:09 AM (via Zoom link) and announced that a quorum of ballots had been achieved, with 346 ballots returned to be opened and counted. President Meibeyer then assumed the chair for the Board Meeting. Election processing was taking place via Zoom, without audio, as a general meeting convened. I. Call to Order President Meibeyer called the annual meeting to order at...

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Tax Defaulted Property Auction

Dear San Francisco Suites Owners: I have just been notified by the City and County of San Francisco of the May 1-4th sale for properties that have had past property taxes, that have not been paid and are now defaulted and subject to be sold at auction. SFS share 262P that belongs to one of our owners, who had a defaulted property tax bill for $1,151.36, did not sell at the auction. San Francisco City and County Tax Defaulted Property Auction will re-offer 265T-262P for a minimum bid of $100.00 May 22-25, 2023 The share will be sold to the highest bidder at...

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April 2023 GM Letter

Dear San Francisco Owners and guests, Spring in San Francisco “Though April showers may come your way, They bring the flowers that bloom in May, So, if it’s raining have no regrets, Because it isn’t raining rain You know, it’s raining violets.” San Francisco has survived the April showers even though the City lost 13,263 trees. Powell Street across from the Suites was closed for an afternoon this month during the deluge and high winds which brought down a huge tree at Pine and Powell that just missed a cable car. The Suites’ trees on Pine and Powell survived and are now beginning to bloom....

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February 15, 2023 GM Letter

February 15, 2023 Dear San Francisco Suites owners, “May you leap into a bright future in the year of the rabbit” After two years without the festival parade, the dragon appeared, despite the rain, on February 4 in Chinatown. The San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade is one of the 10 largest parades in the world. The streets were lined with residents and tourists to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with much enthusiasm and joy. China Live, 644 Broadway was booked to capacity with customers celebrating the elegant surroundings and enjoying the contemporary Cantonese cuisine. Paris will next...

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bod spring 2023 auction

San Francisco Suites on Nob Hill February 15, 2023 Dear San Francisco Suites Owners and Friends of the Suites, The Board of Directors would like to hold a special Spring Auction for 4 SFS-owned Parlors and 1 Master: 11P Whose year January 1,2023-Dec 31,2023, with 7 days still available 348P Whose year is July 1,2022-June 30,2023, with 7 days still available. 242P Whose year is April1,2023-March 30,2024 with 7 days still available 27P Whose year is April 1,2023-March 30,2024, with 7 days still available. The minimum bid for the Parlor is $100.00 78M Whose year is April 1,2023-March 31,2024,...

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270 Day Calculator

Click on this link to see a calculator that can be used to find out the date 270 days out from today or any other date. There is also a calculator that you can use to see the number of days between two dates. Hopefully, this will aid in figuring out future reservations.