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Owners at the San Francisco Suites:

Just before our September board meeting, Patti Garcia, wife of board member Michael Garcia, passed away unexpectedly.  On behalf of the entire San Francisco Suites community we offered our condolences to Michael and his family.  Michael had to resign his position, and we will miss our new, but extraordinary, board member.

Fortuitously, two well-qualified candidates had submitted applications for Dr. Banner’s board position:   Cynthia White, who has extensive experience with the operation of the Suites, and Dr. Jeff Reichel, who previously served in several leadership positions on the board.  The board appointed Jeff to Michael’s position as Treasurer, and he will serve until March 2017.  Cynthia was appointed to serve out Dr. Banner’s term ending March 2016 and agreed to become the new board Secretary

In case you haven’t heard, we have made progress on upgrading the kitchens and baths at the Suites!  We have replaced all of the refrigerators with larger, more modern models, and now have all new Toto toilets.  We also have replaced all of the brass fixtures (including the brass sink!) in Suite 22 to make it a “show room” to evaluate the additional changes we need to make to the bathrooms in all of the other Suites.

At our board Meeting on November 22nd we will also review bids from three different contractors regarding the refacing and replacing of the cabinets in all of the kitchens.  We have found three very qualified companies, and believe that we will be able to move forward quickly with the upgrade in the kitchens after the first of the year (which will also include the replacement of all of the stoves, and many of the microwaves).

At the meeting we will also carefully reserve the balance of our reserves to ensure that we will still have a safe level of reserves for future projects at the Suites after the completion of these long over-due improvements.

We are attaching the S. F. Suites “Rules and Regulations”.  We will be reviewing these rules during the coming year, but we want to remind everyone of several important requirements, including the maximum occupancy of no more than 4 people (of any age) in ALL Suites as required by the City Fire Marshall.  Please comply with this important safety rule.

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

Click the link below to open the current Rules and Regulations:     S.F. Suites Rules and Regulations

Chuck Meibeyer, President

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