PostHeaderIcon President’s Letter May 2014

San Francisco Suites Owners.

2014 promises to be another busy year at the Suites full of challenges  and opportunities. Chuck Meibeyer our outgoing President described the changes and improvements accomplished during the past year in his April 26th letter

Those projects that were started and are in process such as improvements to the web site and reservation system will be completed. We will begin the planning and budgetary process for the following repairs and improvements;

  • Remodel the linen/laundry areas
  • Replace the main floor windows
  • Remodel the kitchens
  • Remodel the bathrooms

A survey will be sent to all Owners asking for recommendations  for the kitchens and bathrooms before any design work will begin. The linen closets and windows have to be replaced along with other maintenance items that require attention.

We will continually  inform the membership of planning and significant anticipated expenditures.

Chuck has addressed the Parcel Tax issue and we will inform you of any new information. Our assessments have modestly increased this year due to the scheduled contribution to the reserve fund and unanticipated operating costs beyond our control. The Board considers any increase in our assessments very seriously and has determined that some increase was necessary to insure the financial future of the Association. Be assured we are in a sound financial position.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chuck Meibeyer for his tireless efforts dealing with a number of complex and challenging issues effecting us all.

His approach and dedication to problem solving and decision making are commendable. The time and effort involved in managing the affairs of the Association are endless and Chuck more than met the challenge. The Board is appreciative that he will continue to serve as our Treasurer. Thank you for your continuing service.

I would also like to acknowledge Jim White who is retiring from the Board this year for his leadership, wise council and service as our Treasurer. Jim always considered every decision in the best interests of the Suites and the membership.

Thank you for your Service.

I would like to wish Henry, God Speed in his new endeavors, we will miss him. And I would like to wish Cynthia welcome, we feel fortunate that you have joined us and our Special Place.

Tom Weber



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