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June 14, 2017

Dear San Francisco Suites Owners,

The Board of Directors would like to announce the results of the special election for amending the CC&Rs. The Second Amendment passed with 513 votes in favor of it, 31 opposed to it, and 8 ballots being disqualified. With 409 votes required for passage out of 816 shares, the sentiment of the ownership for the amendment was clearly expressed.

The implications of the amendment are that share time can no longer be rented out on the open market to third party persons with no pre-existing personal or business relationship to owners (although owners can still sell their time on the Suites’ website to other owners and exchange it through one of the Suites’ approved exchange agencies.) Also, there is a specific prohibition against any actions construed to be a nuisance to staff or other owners.

The Board would like to thank all owners who participated in the election, whether they voted for or against the amendment; close to 67% of the available shares were cast, an impressive number considering the complicated nature of the amendment and the time constraints for voting.

You will be receiving very soon, via email or USPS, copies of the amended CC&Rs and the recently revised R&Rs (Rules and Regulations). Please read them, and if you have any questions, contact a Board Director or Cynthia Reid, the Suites’ General Manager.

Again, thank you for your involvement in the amending process and for your interest in making San Francisco Suites an even better place to stay while in the City.



Geoffrey Bellah
President of the Board of Directors
San Francisco Suites on Nob Hill

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