PostHeaderIcon President’s Letter April 26th 2014

SFS Owners:

    I wanted to update you on a few items.  This happens to me my last letter as your President.  We have had a busy year at the Suites, including the Human Resources work that we have discussed; the departure of Henry Potter as General Manager; and the hiring and training of Cynthia Reid, our new General Manager.  I’ve concluded that I cannot serve another year as President due to the amount of time and effort needed to do the work necessary at the Suites, and the conflict with my legal work and other commitments.  As a result, I stepped aside and the Board has elected Tom Weber to serve as President for the coming year.  With Tom’s three years of prior service as President he has the experience and time to do a great job in this role.  I will continue on the Board and will serve as Treasurer.

    Parcel Taxes.  Everyone should have received the notice from the City College of San Francisco (“CCSF”) regarding their intention to refund the $79 Parcel Tax paid by Owners during the 2013-2014 Tax Year.  In the future we will provide more information regarding other real estate property tax issues relating to this Parcel Tax.

    Website Changes.  We have made dramatic changes to the SF Suites website.  Please go to and see the changes instituted already.  Bill Patterson, our webmaster, along with Tom Weber and other board members, has redesigned the “look and feel” of the website to make it easier to use with more updated information about the Suites.  We will be updating the Site regularly with regular messages from the General Manager and more current information regarding the Suites.  Be sure to look there about how to “Adopt a Share”, or how to Purchase a Share.

   The website also can be a helpful tool for owners to offer their Shares for sale if they wish.  Previously we have only listed telephone numbers of those offering Masters and Parlors for sale.  We are now allowing Owners to also include their e-mail addresses and, more importantly, the opportunity to list the asking price for their Shares.  The Board and management cannot provide advice on what listing price you might select (if you choose to do so as a listing price is wholly optional).  We can provide factual information about the most recent sales, but any Owner including a listing price on the website shall make that determination in their sole discretion.  

   Online Reservation Information. The Board recently approved dramatic changes to the information available regarding reservations.  We will soon implement a new “Owners Area” that will allow Owners to get information regarding the status of their current reservations and available days, the opportunity to revise their information on line, and to identify whether Masters or Parlors are available on their selected dates.  To make sure the process is fair to all reservations cannot be made online – we will use the same process as we have always used by having the Front Desk staff actually make the reservation and to provide information about which specific Suites might be available.  The Board believes this “real time” information regarding reservation availability will be a wonderful benefit to our Owners.

    Sponsor a Stained Glass Panel!  In the Minutes from our January meeting you were informed that the Board had installed two Stained Glass Panels in the kitchens of Suites 10 and 22 looking out toward the air shaft.  Our hope is that many of the panels can be used in the 2 and 4 Suites to filter the view of the air shaft, and in the kitchens in the 5 Suites.  But, building new frames for the Stained Glass Panels can be expensive, and these costs do not fit within the current budget.  As a result, we are inviting our Owners to sponsor the modification of one or more Stained Glass Panels to be hung in these Suites.  We know the costs of doing the modifications will decrease as the number of Panels increases.  In return for sponsoring Stained Glass Panels we will identify on the Panels who sponsored the modifications.  We know the Stained Glass Panels are important to many owners and we hope many of you will step forward so we can get many of them hung in the Suites.

     Bonus Time – New Rules.  The Board recently adopted new rules regarding Bonus Time.  We were concerned that the Bonus Time rates were far too low compared to the cost of renting equivalent lodging on Nob Hill.  We also were concerned that some owners had identified as many as 10-12 “friends and family” who could make Bonus Time reservations utilizing the Owner’s share.  The Board believes that it is essential to do whatever we can to enhance income at the Suites in an effort to minimize increases in Owners’ assessments, while also recognizing that Owners and their immediate family members should have the opportunity to utilize Bonus Time at a reasonable price.  As a result, each Owner is now entitled to reserve Bonus Time at the new rates of $100 for a Parlor and $110 for a Master for themselves, and for two specifically designated Family and Friends.  Those specifically designated family and friends can be modified only on January 1st of each year.  The Owners can designate others to utilize Bonus Time, but the nightly rate for those additional persons shall be $149 per night, which is 1/7th of the annual assessment paid by the Owners.  The Board believed this new policy will continue the long-standing policy of offering Owners (and a limited number of close family members or friends) a favorable Bonus Time rate, while ensuring that additional persons would pay at least the same rate as Owners pay per night for their nights at the Suites.

     Minor Change to Lobby Being Evaluated – Stop By and Meet Cynthia – Our New General Manager.  Those of you who have visited the Suites recently will have seen that the piano has been moved to the area near the entrance to the Board Room.  In its place we have installed a modestly sized table that Cynthia Reid can utilize as a “satellite” work station.  We think it is critically important for Cynthia to meet and speak with as many owners as possible.  As a result, we decided it would be a good idea to make this minor rearrangement and try it for a while, particularly during her initial period as our new General Manager.  Cynthia will not occupy that desk during the wine service in the late afternoon – we want to make that space available to the Owners during those special events. The experiment will be carefully evaluated and decisions made regarding continuing these changes at a future Board meeting.

   I thank all of you for your continued love and appreciation for the San Francisco Suites.  I feel honored to have served as your President, and will continue to help the Board do the best we can to improve and maintain the Suites, and the experiences of our Owners.   

Chuck Meibeyer
Past President

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