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Owners at the San Francisco Suites:

            It’s been awhile since I’ve written a letter as your President. Tom Weber stepped in last year to serve as President during his last year of service on the Board. On behalf of all of the owners, I thank Tom for his contributions as a Board Member for six years, and as President for four. Tom worked tirelessly on improving the Suites, and we all benefit from those efforts. I also want to thank Juliann Savage for her service on the Board for the last two years. Juliann was instrumental in working on updating the Employee Handbook and the hiring of Cynthia Reid as our General Manager. Juliann did not run for reelection due to substantial outside commitments – but she will be missed.

At our election in March two new Board Members were elected to the Board – Michael Garcia and Jo Ann Trembath. Michael has substantial financial and technology experience, so we wisely selected him to serve as Treasurer. His contributions regarding technology upgrades at the Suites have already been invaluable. Jo Ann owns numerous time shares and will be very helpful in helping us improve conditions and procedures at the Suite. Jo Ann is the Board Secretary and Geoffrey Bellah will serve as Vice-President, with Linda Banner continuing on the Board as At Large Member. We also thank the other candidates – Cynthia White and Barry Zadworny — who also ran for election to the Board. It’s healthy for the organization to have people who want to serve, and the inclusion of new Board members from time to time.

For those who did not hear, there was a fire at the apartment building adjoining the Suites on Pine Street. That building was damaged, as well as one room in Powell Place that was adjacent to the area that burned. The Suites suffered no damage – and all of our staff did an excellent job responding to the emergency. Without any exaggeration the Board believes the staff is truly doing an incredible job, and we appreciate all they do for our Owners and our home away from home.

We will be discussing the Kitchen and Bath Remodel project at our June 28, 2015 Board meeting. With two new Board members I felt it was important for the Board to carefully review the survey results so we can identify what the owner’s want, while taking into account what the budget will allow, before trying to begin actual design work.

Finally, we have made some upgrades to the technology at the Suites because 10 year old computers were no longer adequate, and we needed more secure methods of backing up our data and more reliable internet for the employees and the guests. We hope you see a great improvement when using your wireless devices at the Suites, and at the owner’s computer in the Board room.

Chuck Meibeyer


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