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October 27, 2016

Owners at the San Francisco Suites:

            I apologize for the long delay since my last President’s Letter.  Right after the March election I joined a new law firm in San Francisco and have been much more busy with my professional life than I had intended.  In addition, after a very busy 2015, the Board has been carefully evaluating what next steps were necessary at the Suites, so there has not been much to report to you as you have seen in our Board Minutes.

            We are very pleased about the positive reaction to the improvements in the kitchen and bath upgrades that occurred last year, and were long overdue.  We thank everyone for their input regarding the kitchen cabinets – and many owners have expressed their appreciation for the brighter kitchen cabinets, and upgraded appliances.  And, our staff is very, very appreciative the removal the brass sinks and other fixtures in the bathrooms that caused irritation when cleaning.  Finally, my wife, Sheri, and many owners, appreciate the new shower curtains and curved shower rods that make showers much more enjoyable.

            The Board very much enjoyed our time working with Les Uechi at the Front Desk – he was conscientious and helpful to everyone.  We’re sorry to see him leave, but we’re very excited about his replacement Daniel Vargas, who joined us from Villa Florence Hotel.  Daniel has excellent customer service skills, and already has shown himself to be a great addition to our staff.

            As one of its major projects this year the Board has begun reviewing the Rules & Regulations, the Bylaws, and the CCRs for necessary updates in consultation with our expert legal counsel.  We hope to have some updates to recommend after our January meeting.

            One unfinished element of the kitchen updates was the large amount of brass surface in the “4” units for which the staff continue to be subject to eye irritations while cleaning the counter-tops on the kitchen counters and the islands.  The Board hired a professional interior designer, Pamela Murphy, to review these kitchens to recommend replacement countertops to eliminate the brass.  Pamela recommended a number of improvements to the décor of those units, which are depicted in the story board attached, which has also been displayed in the lobby of the Suites for the last month.  She also strongly recommended that the “peninsulas” that divide the living areas from the kitchens be removed to allow a better flow within these units, with the substitution of a small table with chairs to provide  a replacement dining area for the peninsulas.  We are getting bids regarding the removal of these elements – but we recognize the elimination of these peninsulas would represent a substantial change to design of these units.  As a result, we have included here (both by mail and online) a brief survey to determine whether the removal of these peninsulas would be agreeable to the owners.  Please respond as quickly as you can by mail or Survey Monkey regarding your thoughts regarding this suggested change.

            As we all know, the elevator floor tiles have been cracked for quite some time.  Pamela recommended they be replaced, and the Board tentatively approved at the September meeting that they be replaced with marble flooring that will have the “SFS” logo in the middle, surrounded by a simple border.  The costs for this replacement (already contemplated by the Reserve Study) are modest, and will provide a decorative scheme that will be consistent with the current décor of the Suites, and will provide a much more durable flooring surface.

            Our next Board Meeting is November 6th with the Open Session commencing at 11:00 a.m. – all owners are welcome!

            Chuck Meibeyer, President

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