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President’s Letter

Thank you!
After the Board’s March 5th meeting, I was “termed out” after serving six years on the Board, and three years as Board President, and am now finished with my service on the Board. I want to thank every Owner for offering me this opportunity to contribute toward making the Suites better, while preserving the warm connection all of us have to our “home away from home”. I also want to thank all of the Board Members with whom I have served, the Owners who were so committed to the Suites that they sat through hours of Board meetings along with us or otherwise offered their thoughts on how the Suites could be improved, and the incredible staff who work so hard. I especially thank Henry Potter and Cynthia Reid, the two General Managers during my term who worked to make the Suites a place that provided a home to its Owners and strove to provide excellent customer service by the staff. Sheri and I own eight weeks at the Suites and have spent at least another week each year there through Board service and occasional Bonus nights. We love this place, and know that many, many others do as well.

I apologize for not being as communicative during this last year when I assumed extra responsibilities when I became a partner with the San Francisco law firm of Coblentz Patch Duffy & Bass LLP (while I primarily continue to work in my St. Helena office, I could only have joined the firm because I have a five block walk to work to the firm’s home office when we’re staying at the Suites). Communication between the Board and the Owners is extremely important to make sure that the Board hears what is important to the Owners. I have been extremely gratified by the participation we have received through our “Survey Monkey” communications – through that medium we have had more than one-half of the Owners express their thoughts regarding important decisions. We have respected that input when making those decisions.

You are about to receive a Ballot regarding possible Amendment to the CC&Rs. These changes are so important, the Amendment cannot be approved without the vote of 409 out of the 816 shares at the Suites – which is far different from the customary elections where Board members are elected by the majority of the votes cast when a quorum only requires 15% of the Owners to even vote. I would hope that EVER OWNER will vote. When the Suites was founded in 1985, websites like VRBO, Homeaway, and AirBnB did not exist, and there was no concern about nights being offered for rent to strangers who located the listing through a website. But, in 2017, shares have been purchased and offered for rent for a profit on the internet, and at least one Exchange share has been offered for rent for a profit online as well. A number of Owners have indicated that the commercial rental of nights at the Suites to strangers will change the nature of the Suites. As a result, the Board has provided for an election to determine whether such commercial rentals should be prohibited. The resolution ensures, however, that Owners are still allowed to allow family and friends to use their nights, and Bonus Time, as always has been permitted.

Please participate in this election. And, please consider serving on the Board. It is healthy for the Suites to have new participation on the Board to ensure that all viewpoints are represented. While it takes time to serve on the Board … it has been an incredible experience for me to serve all of these years. We’ll still be there many weeks each year – we just won’t have to schedule our visits around Board meetings. My very best to you all!
Most sincerely,
Chuck Meibeyer

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