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Minutes of the Open Meeting of the San Francisco Suites Board of Directors

Sunday, November 5, 2017

San Francisco Suites Board Room


Call to order:  The open meeting of the Board of Directors started at 11:08 AM, with President Bellah calling the meeting to order.

The following Directors were present:

  • Geoffrey Bellah, President
  • Cynthia White, Vice President
  • Lynne Spivak, Secretary
  • Jeff Reichel, Treasurer
  • JoAnne Trembath, Director-at-Large

Also in attendance was Cynthia Reid, General Manager

The following owners were in attendance:  Max and Susan Josselyn and Jim White

OWNERS FORUM:  Susan Josselyn attended Vacation International Board meeting for their Board election.  She brought a copy of their brochure. 

Approval of Minutes:  President Bellah called for approval of the minutes. JoAnne Trembath moved to approve the minutes, Jeff Reichel seconded.  Lynne Spivak thanked Geoffrey, Cynthia White and Cynthia Reid for their help in recreating the minutes as her recorder went off half way through the meeting.  The minutes were approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Reichel reviewed accounts and the 2018 budget; it appears we will have 47% funding of the Reserves in 2018.  He thanked Cynthia Reid for all her hard work in establishing the new accounts for the Reserve Funds.  He said we would earn 1.5% in the first year.  Also we are on budget.  We are in good shape.


SFS PARLOR INVENTORY – we now own 24 Parlors vs. 30 last year.  Six have sold and fourteen were adopted.  Four shares are in foreclosure, 2 Masters and 2 Parlors, for a total owed of $4014.25.  They will be auctioned off in December.  Reid will send out a letter to all the owners when she knows the date. 

FINANCIAL – The 2018 Assessment will be $1,221.00 if the Budget for 2018 is passed.  ($1,032.00 for Operations, $189.00 for Reserve).  Reid has prepared a letter to the owners explaining the amounts and that the assessment is due January 1, 2018, becoming delinquent February 1, 2018. 

Reid expressed a wish that more owners would accept email correspondence as well as updating their new mailing addresses, so she can keep the mailing costs down next year.  She explained that there are 200 owners who don’t accept email, so all correspondence has to be mailed.  Jeff suggested that we should contact all owners who don’t accept email and ask if they will reconsider.  The list has not been checked in at least 4 years.  New owners need to sign that they accept all correspondence by e-mail.

Reserve Fund has been moved to two money market accounts, $250,256.15 in Capital One and $250,000 in BOFI.  There is still $39,359.56 left in Bank of America Savings, to be transferred to Capital One.

2017-2018 Property Taxes are due.  If owners did not receive the tax bill, they should contact SFTREASURER>ORG.


Reid reported that the leaks that she thought were caused by people overfilling the bathtubs were caused in actuality by a cracked overflow pipe in some of the bathtubs.  Three have already been replaced, and she is targeting replacing the rest this next year.   A recent sewage backup in the back storage room was caused by a root ball under the building that had grown into the line. That blockage was cleared at a cost of $1,850.00.  We are now on a 6-month sewer line maintenance program. Cynthia White commented that she has the same problem, and the plumber told them to put copper sulfate in the toilet and flush it down.  It burns the roots.  They do this on a six month regiment.  Geoffrey suggested that Reid consult the plumber about the best place to pour the chemicals.  Reid reported that owners/guests might be flushing wipes down the toilets, contributing to the problem. 

Recycle bins out front get rummaged through. Reid is getting locks for them. 

DVRs in rooms – Three DVRs needed to be repaired.  The Suites were not being charged for them in the past, but when they came to repair them, they informed us that they would now be charging us $7.00/room per month for the DVRs.  Geoffrey made a motion that we discontinue the DVR service, Lynne seconded the motion. It passed unanimously. 


The Napa/Santa Rosa fires displaced three owners.  Two lost their homes.  Because we had availability one owner was able to stay a week.  The San Franicisco Hotel Association was asking local hotels to honor a $99.00/night rate for fire victims.  We offered that to the owners.  Geoffrey thanked the staff for accommodating the owners displaced by the fire. 

One owner commented on the hot day in San Francisco, as well as the fires and smoke.  He made a suggestion as to how to alleviate the heat on the 4th floor.  Cynthia Reid contacted Brady Heating and Air company regarding the owner’s suggestion to install a ceiling fan on the 4th floor.  Brady said the only way to cool the rooms would be to install individual cooling units in the room.  That would cost about $5000.00 per unit.  Cynthia White commented that we need to consider, if we installed cooling units, the electrical power draw, as we are limited. 

Another owner suggested we change the SF Suites password to protect from hacks. The Board asked Reid to look into that.

Cynthia Reid shared a letter she received from an owner expressing his gratitude for how the Suites are run. 


Gloria Soto is employee of the quarter.  She is unable to attend the meeting so Geoffrey will present her award on Tuesday.  She is the housekeeper who does all the training and knows owners’ likes and accommodates their needs.

Reid reminded the Board that about one housekeeper a year needs to be replaced.  She values Gloria a lot for her advice and longterm service.  Reid also thanked the Board for allowing her to hire the second houseman. 


Draft Budget – Jeff Reichel went over the draft budget.  Adjustments have been made where necessary.  Lynne moved to approve the budget; JoAnne seconded the motion.  The vote to approve was unanimous.

Reinvestment of Reserves – Jeff said the monies have been transferred into interest bearing accounts for the Reserves as mentioned previously. There is no significant penalty for withdrawing from the reserve account funds. 

Roof Landscaping Project – The Board had tabled the project until this meeting so we could get the estimate revisions including the irrigation.  Lynne and Cynthia White reviewed those new bids.  Cynthia White discussed the revisions made that not only included the irrigation bid, but also a revision for the pots used.  When they had met with Living Green’s owner he estimate a couple hundred dollars for irrigation, but then we got the formal bid of $3500.00 for irrigation.  Also, not only the quality of the pots changed, but the size as well, with no change in the price.  Though we approved an amount we were willing to spend for the project, that didn’t mean we had to spend that much.  The metal liner around the gazebo also is not on the bid although we asked for it.  The Board decided to put the project on hold until either the landscaping company has the materials available from the original bid.  The Board decided that Cynthia White and Lynne would put a letter together for Living Green and let them know what exactly we are looking at. If Living Green doesn’t work out, we will look at another landscaping company.

Flags – Geoffrey obtained bids for the return of flags to the Powell entrance.  He proposed purchasing four flags – an American, California, San Francisco City, and a custom SFS flag.  Also buying 2 six-foot spinning poles, including hardware.  Lynne suggested placing the SFS flag on the top of the gazebo, but some members thought is might pose a structural and maintenance problem. Jeff suggested we ask Steve Barton to provide an estimate to put a flag on the top of a gazebo.  Reid brought the original finial from the gazebo top to let the Board see it, which the Board commented on. 

It was agreed to let Geoffrey proceed with the flag project.


Discussion was held about getting the agenda to the owners so more might attend meetings. One suggestion was to hand guests staying at the Suites an agenda upon check-in.

Geoffrey requested that the Board allow him to send a letter to Mr. Martini to thank him for making the wine, M Squared, available to the Suites.  Everyone agreed. 


Interior Painting project for January 2018.  The handyman Israel met with Geoffrey and Cynthia Reid to go over what areas they see as needing touch-up.  The painting will be done during the closure of the Suites January 14 – January 17.  JoAnne mentioned there are not thresholds in the doorways of some of the rooms.  That should be completed, too. Reid will put that on a list for a later time, as only the painting is going to be completed in January.  Geoffrey mentioned having Israel replacing about 3 outlets in each suite with outlets that have USB ports, which might help guests with charging phones and computers.

Cynthia White suggested that as a Board we review the Reserve Study and make an assessment as to what will be needed in the next few years and make sure they are budgeted for.  We will all look at the Reserve Study and then discuss this in January. 

JoAnne inquired about the furniture sent out for repair but didn’t get back. Reid updated us to the status of the claim against the furniture refurbisher.

Cynthia White commented that the cushions in the window couches need foam replacement.  Also the upholstery on the window seats needs to be replaced in some rooms as they are faded.  Lynne commented on the mattress in the sofa bed in the Parlor she has.  It is worn out and needs to be replaced. Reid said she has had other people comment on that issue and will check on getting a bid for replacing the mattresses in the sofa beds.

Geoffrey asked for owner’s comments again. Sue Josselyn and Jim White both commented about owners not being able to comment throughout the meeting.  Geoffrey said that the meetings are operating under Stirling – Davis’ rules of order, which allow for owner comments and questions at the beginning and/or end of meetings. Geoffrey explained that the purpose of an open meeting, according to Stirling-Davis, is for owners to observe the Board at work, not to comment, unless invited to.  A discussion was held about letting owners comment before the Board votes on an issue or not. Jeff made a motion requiring the President to ask for owner comments prior to calling for the vote on any issue.  Lynne seconded.  It passed 4 yes, 1 no.

Jim White suggested putting an agenda under the door as a way to increase owner attendance.  

Sue Jocelyn praised Gloria Soto and thanked the Board for awarding her as “Employee of the Quarter.”

JoAnne moved to adjourn the meeting; Jeff seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted

Lynne Spivak, Secretary















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