PostHeaderIcon Presidents Letter 2016

October 27, 2016 Owners at the San Francisco Suites:             I apologize for the long delay since my last President's Letter.  Right after the March election I joined a new law firm in San Francisco and have been much more busy with my professional life than I had intended.  In addition, after a very busy 2015, the Board has been carefully evaluating what next steps were necessary at the Suites, so there has not been much Read more [...]

PostHeaderIcon Presidents Letter November 2015

Owners at the San Francisco Suites: Just before our September board meeting, Patti Garcia, wife of board member Michael Garcia, passed away unexpectedly.  On behalf of the entire San Francisco Suites community we offered our condolences to Michael and his family.  Michael had to resign his position, and we will miss our new, but extraordinary, board member. Fortuitously, two well-qualified candidates had submitted applications for Dr. Banner's board position:   Cynthia White, who has extensive Read more [...]


Greetings Everyone! As you know, the Adopt-A-Share Program is contingent on there being shares available for adoption.  For June 2015 we currently have 15 Parlor (studio) units available for adoption by members at $1147.00** We will accept email requests during normal reservation times until 12 noon on Saturday May 30.  All names received will be pooled and a drawing will be held on Sunday, May 31st at 10 a.m.  Between 6 - 7:00 p.m. PST Monday, June 1st we will notify the first 15 members Read more [...]

PostHeaderIcon Presidents Letter April 2015

Owners at the San Francisco Suites:             It’s been awhile since I’ve written a letter as your President. Tom Weber stepped in last year to serve as President during his last year of service on the Board. On behalf of all of the owners, I thank Tom for his contributions as a Board Member for six years, and as President for four. Tom worked tirelessly on improving the Suites, and we all benefit from those efforts. I also want to thank Juliann Savage for her service on the Board Read more [...]
270 Day Calculator
Click on this link to see a calculator that can be used to find out the date 270 days out from today or any other date. There is also a calculator that you can use to see the number of days between two dates. Hopefully this will aid in figuring out future reservations.
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Agenda for the Meetings found here Please attend... Agenda posted here 1 week before meeting.
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